Top 10 Ways To Turn A Girl On

If you want your sex to be the best its ever been, you need to learn the top 10 ways to turn a girl on. When it comes to the ladies, you cannot try and force her to get to bed and expect her to enjoy it—instead, you've got to ease her into things and let her get to her sexual peak at her own pace. In doing so, you'll find the entire sexual experience more enjoyable for the both of you. Get ready to transform your lovemaking by learning the best ways to turn a girl on.

  1. Make her comfortable. One of the best ways to turn a girl on is to let her relax. She's not going to be in the mood for love if she's tense, so make sure she's feeling at ease before starting anything else. Don't try anything if she's feeling frazzled or stressed out—instead, make her at ease and you'll see a noticeable change in her disposition towards heading to the bedroom.
  2. Make the mood romantic. This can be accomplished through the use of candles, music, or soft sheets. Be sure to dim the lights and you'll really get her blood pumping. If you think that "romantic" involves closing the door and asking your roommate for five minutes' of privacy, you've got the wrong idea. Appeal to her feminine side and it'll all be smooth sailing from there.
  3. Feed her well. This is very different from over-feeding her. Take her out, or even better, cook her a sumptuous meal to show her that you care. One of the best ways to turn a girl on is to appeal to her love of good food, so be sure to treat her well in this respect.
  4. Dress well. Sometimes, she wants to see you in something more than just your gym shorts and dirty undershirt. Just as you love seeing her in clothes that flatter her form, she'll appreciate the same effort out of you. Put on some nice jeans, or maybe even a suit, and watch as she'll literally pounce on top of you. 
  5. Tell her that she looks beautiful. It may sound trite, but complements are one of the best ways to turn a girl on. Note that you should tell her she's beautiful, not just say, "You look hot!" That sounds trashy, and you don't want her to feel cheap.
  6. Massage her. When it comes time to make some magic happen, don't just immediately go for her breasts. Instead, treat her to a sensual massage to really get her in the mood. Or, you could just massage her when she's had a rough day at work, which may encourage her to have sex with you later.
  7. Go down on her. You might not like it, but then again, she doesn't particularly love giving you blowjobs either. Show your appreciation for her and give her downstairs some individual loving. Not only will this help get her in the mood, but she might be more willing to return the favor at a later time.
  8. Get her a gift from the heart. This shouldn't be confused with buying her diamonds just so you can have sex. Instead, get her something small that's meaningful to her or your relationship in general. It's better to get her a gift that touches her heart than simply assuming she'll only want the most expensive thing you can get. You'll quickly find that it's one of the best ways to turn a girl on.
  9. Make her feel safe. This can be accomplished by reassuring her when she's anxious about something, or holding her when she's feeling sad. She'll take solace in your strength, which may lead to some appreciative lovemaking afterwards. Don't do this too often, as it might come off as exploitative.
  10. Kiss her. It might sound rudimentary, but many guys forget the most basic way to turn a girl on. Be soft and tender with your kisses and you'll have her wanting more before you even know it. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to show her that you love her and you appreciate her for more than just sex.
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