Top 10 Worst Jobs

Some jobs are inherently bad, but these ten are the 10 worst jobs in America. Long hours, high stress, danger and filthy conditions can lead to even a great paying job being deemed one of the worst. The following ten jobs are the worst of the worst.

  1. Roustabout. A roustabout performs routine labor on oil rigs and pipelines. Jobs may be located on land or offshore. Not only is the job dangerous, some assignments require long stretches of time away from home.
  2. Iron Worker. An ironworker raises the framework of buildings, bridges and other structures. It often requires working at great heights and is considered one of the most dangerous on the list. Work tends to be seasonal with the bulk of the work occurring during the summer months. Although it is one of the proudest fields to work in, it is also one of the worst.
  3. Garbage Collector. A garbage collector works a route collecting refuse. Not only is the job dirty, is smells. Garbage collectors work year round, so they are exposed to the elements. They are exposed various forms of nature, including maggots, bed bugs and potentially aggressive animals. It's easy to see why this is considered one of the worst jobs to have. It is also one of the most dangerous, with fatality rates of approximately 42 deaths in every 100,000 positions.
  4. Mail Carrier. A mail carrier picks up and delivers packages along an assigned route. What was once a prized job has lost its luster. Government cutbacks have led to high stress, overworked conditions. When you add in exposure to the elements and the growing concern of safety, it's no wonder that postal carries are believed to have one of the worst jobs in the country.
  5. Lumberjack. Lumberjacks harvest and haul timber from the point of harvest to a processing facility. What makes it one of the worst jobs? Long hours, a high -stress environment, strenuous work and low pay all make this profession one of the worst.
  6. Fisherman. The jobs attributed to fishermen vary far and wide. Some of the tasks expected of them include baiting, hauling, cooking, cleaning, navigating, maintenance and safety. It involves long hours-sometimes more than 24 hours at a time, long trips out to sea, cramped living quarters, harsh weather conditions and the constant threat of danger.
  7. Roofer. A roofer specializes in constructing roofs, simple enough. That is where the simplicity of roofing ends. It involves working up high, in the sweltering sun for about twice what minimum wage pays. It is hot, dirty, dangerous and exhausting work.
  8. Taxi Driver. A taxi driver takes his customers from point A to point B. It was once considered a good jo for earning extra money, kind of like delivering pizzas. Not anymore. As gas prices increase, a drivers earnings decrease. To try and make up for the loss, drivers are forced to raise their fares, which in turn aggravates their customers, who take it on on the drivers by reducing tips. This vicious cycle is exacerbated by the always looming danger of robbery.
  9. Convenience Store Clerk. A convenience store clerks typically rings up sales and restocks the store they work in, but there is much more the the field of cashiering. Most people don't realize just how dangerous this job is. First off, the employee is sitting on top of hundreds of gallons of flammable materials. Secondly, a robbery can occur at any moment. All this for usually pennies above minimum wage. Not only is clerking a thankless job, it's one of the worst.
  10. Debt Collector. Debt collectors make telephone calls to try and settle a consumer's debt. Many falsely believe this job is easy since most collectors work in an office environment. Those who work in the industry complain of the high stress, high pressure environment they work in. Many are faced with extremely high quotas and receive low pay if they do not achieve them. Add in the strong arm tactics many are pressured to use, unhappy and belligerent consumers and ever changing laws about the field and you have one of the worst jobs to be working at.
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