Top 10 Worst Stone Temple Pilots Songs

Weep for the death of grunge with the top 10 worst Stone Temple Pilots songs. Stone Temple Pilots–affectionately known as STP– elevated grunge to a new level when they released their first album, " Core", back in 1992. The song "Plush" was filled with a dangerous self-loathing and pain that felt personal. It's lyrics full of images of burning houses and destroying tormentors, all of the things that an angst ridden fifteen-year-old kid can relate to. And while the lyrics may become have trite as we got older, the music that was behind those lyrics was so heavy and complex that is was able to stand the test of time. As the '90s came to a close, STP began to fall victim to the drug-fueled hijinks's of singer/songwriter Scott Weiland and the worst Stone Temple Pilot songs were born.

  1. "Ride the Cliche" ("Tiny Music: Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop", 1996) This album was the beginning of the downward spiral for Stone Temple Pilots. Their usual tight harmonies and tight rhythms are non-existent, becoming the very cliche that they claim to hate makes this one of the worst Stone Temple Pilot songs
  2. "Adhesive" ("Tiny Music: Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop", 1996) This ranks among the worst Stone Temple Pilot songs because it sounds like they have just given up. Their heavy, hard rocking sound is replaced with a melody that is so simple that it's dull. The horn solo towards the end makes it even more depressing.
  3. "Heaven and a Hot Rod" ("No. 4", 1999) This album was supposed to bring Stone Temple Pilots back to their hard rocking roots. What they managed to do instead is was produce one of the worst Stone Temple Pilots songs. It doesn't  sound like the producer or the band was paying any attention to what was going on. The song is rough and raw, and not in the good way. 
  4. "Sex and Violence" ("No. 4", 1999) The Worst Stone Temple Pilot song for sex and violence is a song called "Sex and Violence". Try as they might the lyrics don't bring to mind anything even remotely sexy. And the only violence that this song inspired, was the uncontrollable desire to throw this album into the nearest fire pit.
  5. "Days of the Week" ("Shangri-La Dee Da", 2001) At this point it seems that Stone Temple Pilots have decided to give up on anything heavy and try their hand at wuss rock. It may have been commercial hit, but considering the incredible body of work that came before it, it is the worst Stone Temple Pilots song there is.
  6. "Coma" ("Shangri-La Dee Da", 2001) After spending some time as wuss rockers, Stone Temple Pilots decided that it may be a good idea to put some serious rock back onto the album. Sadly they were still heavily coated in the stench of wuss rock and what resulted is the worst Stone Temple Pilots song to rock out to.
  7. "Hollywood Bitch" ("Shangri-La Dee Da", 2001) Oh how the mighty have fallen. This is the worst Stone Temple Pilots song because it is clear that the band thinks that putting the word "bitch" in a song is all it's going to take to bring back their street cred.
  8. "Long Way Home" ("Shangri-La Dee Da", 2001) By this point it doesn't feel like Stone Temple Pilots are even trying. The lyrics that were once filled with vivid, jagged imagery has been replaced with over indulgent rock star self pity. 
  9. "Seven Caged Tigers" ("Shangri-La Dee Da", 2001) We are all for people getting themselves healthy, but this song is a perfect example of what happens to an artist that kicks the habit but doesn't take the time to reconnect with their creativity in a healthy way. If feels like they just looked at their old stuff and said "Hey, lets write that song again."
  10. "Between the Lines" ("Stone Temple Pilots", 2010) The newest Stone Temple Pilots album seems to be destined to produce the wort Stone Temple Pilots song in history. They are still having problems with their label and it shows. You're listening to a bunch of guys that just need to spit this album out so they can free themselves from a major label.
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