Top 10 Zombie Movies

When narrowing down the top 10 zombie movies of all time it is hard when there are so many classics.

  1. "Dawn of the Dead" (1978)  George A. Romero's classic, "Dawn of the Dead," marks a turning point for all zombie movies to create something genuine. The characters went through more than just the undead as they struggled to create harmony in chaos. This film had fun, horror, great cinematography, and throughout all the undead some sort of meaning. Romero will be known as the undead king and his "Dawn of the Dead" the best zombie movie ever created.

  2. "Night of the Living Dead" (1968)  Romero's first zombie film was "Night of the living Dead." George's zombie films create an underlying meaning, stick together or die alone, is one lesson to be learned from this movie and it can't be said any better than in this film. "Night of the Living Dead" cannot be remade and will always be at the top of the best zombie movies.

  3. "Shaun of the Dead" This will be known for the greatest zombie comedy ever. Edgar Wright created something special when making this flick. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost created a great buddy team of zombie killing friends. It is possible to survive a zombie apocalypse as long as you have your best friend at your side. "Shaun of the Dead"  creates comedy and horror whole it tops the ranks of being one of the best zombie movies.

  4. "Dawn of the Dead" (2004)  In his own vision Zach Snyder definitely captured the same fun of the original. Snyder went more of the horror/scare tactics approach than Romero. Both films have different perspectives other than being in a mall. Zach Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead" is creative horror genius and a great zombie movie.

  5. "Re-Animator" – Based on the H. P. Lovecraft story, "Herbert West-Reanimator," this science fiction horror holds nothing back. On a very cheap budget, this zombie movie as found to be a cult classic in the genre and has a great following. Sprouting out two sequels after its release, "Re-Animator" created something special outside of the Romero world and known as one of the better zombie movies.

  6. "Army of Darkness" Sam Raimi is a horror legend when creating the "Evil Dead" trilogy. "Army of Darkness" capping off the series was a sight to see as Bruce Campbell had some of the best one-liners in any movie. Blue light specials and the undead could contain this zom-com and is remembered by many horror fans. Raimi with his gross out gags and over the top humor stamped this movie as a zombie favorite.

  7. "Zombieland" Possibly trying to bring the zombie franchise some new life as Romero just pumps out weak remakes of his old work or sub-par new ones, "Zombieland" is a hilarious well done zombie film. It has its horror moments, but most of the film focuses on the relationship between characters. A great buddy comedy in its own respect, but a decent zombie film as well.

  8. "Return of the Living Dead" After parting ways with Romero after "Night of the Living Dead," John Russo created a huge franchise with the "Living Dead" series. More comedic than Romero's vision, Russo created a more fun zombie series and they definitely had it's own appeal. Creating four more sequels after its release, "Return of the Living Dead" is also one of the best classic zombie films of all time.

  9. "Dead Alive" Also known as "Braindead" in New Zealand, this was one of Peter Jackson's first directed movies. This film was definitely over the top with its gross out gags and death scenes, but remains to hold a special place in horror fan's hearts. It may not be the best zombie film, but it is certainly memorable.

  10. "28 Days Later" Not being a true zombie movie, which can be debatable, "28 Days Later" is a virus movie. This film would be higher on the list if it was in fact a true zombie movie. This movie is very well done and creates a very high tension and fright when it comes to something zombie-like.

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