Top 5 Actresses You Can Take Home To Mom

Who do you think are the top five actresses you can take home to Mom? They may come a dime a dozen in Hollywood but we’ve taken the time to narrow down who we think are the Top five actresses who are worthy enough to bring home.

  1. Emma Roberts.  Daughter to Eric Roberts and niece to Julia Roberts makes Emma Roberts Hollywood Royalty. Not only has Emma inherited the good looks that run in her family but the talent as well! Emma exemplifies style and grace even at such a young age and could very well follow in the heels of her famous aunt. Mom will be impressed.
  2. Anna Kendrick. This stunning brunette is not only beautiful but a recent Academy Award nominee for her role in “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. Your mother may never let her leave the house! 
  3. Carey Mulligan. This British actress is just off the heels of an Oscar nomination for her role in “An Education”. Single, young, beautiful and there is no ring on her finger as of yet, which makes her eligible for a trip home to meet mom!
  4. Amanda Seyfried. Amanda was thrust into the limelight when she starred in the movie “Mama Mia” with Meryl Streep. This young talented beauty not only can act, but she can dance and sing too! Amanda is definitely worthy of mama’s home cooking.
  5. Anne Hathaway. The 5-foot-8 inch actress has become one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses, staring in such blockbusters as ”The Devil Wears Prada." Anne has been named to People Magazine's “100 of the Most Beautiful People in the World” and “Most Beautiful People” issues. So worthy of a home visit, your mom may be just as nervous as you

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