Top 5 Engineering Jobs

If you have the brains to think big, check out these top 5 engineering jobs. Engineering isn't an easy profession. This career involves high levels of thinking and the ability to create. They need discipline, patience and imagination. Engineers need a bachelor's degree or higher just to work in the field. Science and mathematics are very important courses as well. Potential students should also be both a problem solver and creator. Here's a list of 5 engineering jobs that make the big bucks.

  1. Civil Engineering: Civil engineers can specialize in a variety of work place environments. Most work in the automobile industry or construction. They need to learn complex design components and make good products. It's not just about style. Making a product or structure that works well is very important. A civil engineer also needs to calculate costs, think about potential hazards and follow government rules and regulations. A civil engineering job leads to other career options. Jobs may include supervisor, teaching and research.
  2. Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineers deal with chemistry and problem solving. They test products, food and other things for safety in the workplace and environment. A chemical engineer works in factories, healthcare and business. Physics, math and chemistry are the major courses needed to become a chemical engineer. Career outlook and salary are very high with this engineering job.
  3. Electrical Engineering: This engineering career requires high skills. An electrical engineer needs to know the risks and dangers of working with electricity and electrical wiring. They are required to test, design, supervise and develop ways to manufacture electronic equipment. All of the electronics you have in your home have been designed by an electrical engineer.
  4. Nuclear Engineering: Nuclear engineers work with nuclear energy and radiation. This career is very risky. Health and safety are major issues that should be understood completely. Nuclear engineering are the people who work on developing new ways to use the sun's energy. They develop innovative ways to makes things work as well. Nuclear plants, space exploration and warfare depend on these people to get them up and running.
  5. Work Environment Engineering: Lab facilities, building safety and industrial sites need this type of engineer. They solve the problems that can cost a workplace money and lives. Work environment engineers are the go-to people for problems and direction. Extensive traveling is often a job requirement.

All engineers work 40 hours or more per week. They command high salaries and respect for the role they play in the world's success. Engineering jobs aren't easy to do, but the rewards of making a big difference is awesome.

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