Top 5 Female Singers 2008

The top 5 female singers of 2008 were a motley crew that included fashion-obsessed and desperate-for-attention wannabe-divas, substance-abusing and self-destructive wrecks who just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble, and, yes, even advocates of girl-on-girl affection as a calculated way to stir up controversy and sell records. You may ask yourself, "What happened to a more innocent and legitimate time when female singers like The Bangles ruled the airwaves?" Apparently, today's teenagers don't care about that.

  1. Amy Winehouse. Everyone's favorite "Rehab" singer and poster girl was big in 2008 not only for her bluesy singing, but, more importantly, her willfully turbulent personal life and legal problems, after legal problems, after legal problems. Definitely not the best role model for teens to put it lightly, Amy Winehouse nonetheless was able to garner critical acclaim for her breakout album, Back to Black, which is why she takes the one spot.
  2. Katy Perry. In 2008, the silly song "I Kissed a Girl" was hot only because it insinuated lesbian-themed song lyrics. As a result, the theretofore unknown and struggling singer Katy Perry was catapulted to international fame, you know, because sex sells. Since then, Katy Perry has managed to turn out another album in 2010 with a lead single that features help from none other than that ambassador of wholesomeness, Snoop Dogg, a good enough reason to give her the number two spot.
  3. Lady Gaga. Today, Lady Gaga is seemingly ubiquitous with the substanceless and frivolous mainstream media reporting on everything she does, thinks or opines, even though much of it is extremely unimportant. Lady Gaga released her debut album in 2008, entitled The Fame. Ever since then, thanks to a mostly teenage girl fan base who will worship her for no intelligible reason whatsoever Lady Gaga has only increased her popularity, making her come in at number three.
  4. Taylor Swift. Perhaps a better role model for teenage girls, Taylor Swift already was riding a fair wave of success from her previous album's single, "Teardrops on my Guitar," when she released Fearless in 2008. This album really catapulted Swift to unprecedented heights, selling already six million copies thus far, which is why she lands the number four position. While her songs that are mostly repetitive and always about boys leave something to be desired, she at least isn't as risque as the other female singers on this list.
  5. Rihanna. While she has had a little bit of, ahem, boyfriend trouble courtesy of Chris Brown lately, to put it lightly, Rihanna was already a hot seller back in 2008. Her previous year's album, Good Girl Gone Bad, was a big success that propelled her to the forefront of teeny-bopper female singers that appeal to a mostly teenage girl audience.
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