Top 5 Hollywood Action Movies

The top 5 Hollywood action movies celebrate the film genre that keeps sending audiences back to the box office. Catch phrases make deep, meaningful dialog superfluous and the quantity of special effects negates the need for skillful camera angles and careful photography. Even so, there are some movies that stand out and have even spawned their own cult followings.

  1. "The French Connection" (1971). The list of the top 5 Hollywood action movies starts out with the 20th Century Fox film that the Library of Congress considered to be sufficiently significant to warrant preservation in the National Film Registry. The plot is intricate and demands some attention although the spectacular car chase and final shootout make up for this atypical plot development.
  2. "Bullitt" (1968). Staring Steve McQueen, the movie is a must for car guys. The car chase that takes the city of San Francisco hostage must be seen to be believed.
  3. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981). When Lucas Film Ltd. released the film, the studio was most likely unaware of the cult following it would receive. Combining the elements of treasure hunting with fighting off Nazis, it is not surprising that this film deserves its spot in the top 5 Hollywood action movies.
  4. "Die Hard" (1988). Bruce Willis was the perfect star for this action movie released by Silver Pictures. Featuring a rough and tough detective who goes against a group of thieving terrorists, what could possibly not blow up? Explosives, a high rise, fist fights and cunning make this a heart-stopper.
  5. "RoboCop" (1987). An Orion Pictures release, this movie is a little something for the man on a date. There is action and futuristic weaponry but also the use of a family man as a cyborg and his lost humanity.

Do not let the short list of the top 5 Hollywood action movies fool you! Even though they are the undisputed cream of the crop when it comes to the action-packed Hollywood fare, there are plenty of newer films nipping at their heels.



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