Top 5 Online Casino Scams

If you’re going to gamble at online casinos, you need to make sure that you’re aware of the top 5 casino scams. Sniffing out the top five casino scams may not be as easy to sniff out as you may think. As the Internet has evolved, so have the scams that shady online casinos use to lure customers and avoid payment; most rouge casinos don’t rely on just one of our of our top five online casino scams, they use a combination of the five top online casino scams to stack the decks in their favor and avoid payout.  If you’re a fan of online gambling, knowing the top five online casino scams and what they are will help you being taken to the cleaners next time you log onto an online casino.

  1. Refusal to pay- This is perhaps the most infuriating of the top five online casino scams. Online casinos are supposed to operate just like live casinos– when you place a bet and win, you expect to get paid. Rouge casinos that use this method of scramming customers simply refuse to pay their customer’s winnings when it’s time to pay up. When customers complain about not getting their winnings, they are sent to a customer service purgatory that is designed to make you throw up your hands and forget about your money. Not getting paid and being frustrating beyond belief is what puts this in our top five online casino scams.
  2. Slow paying casinos- The top five online casino scam that is almost as annoying as the refusal to pay scam. With this scam the rouge casinos will delay a players payment in the hopes that the you will continuing gambling until you loose your winnings back to the casino.  If that doesn’t work, these online casinos will drop you into customer service hell in the hopes to frustrate you out of collecting your winnings. Eventually you should be able to get slow paying casinos to pay, but it will be an uphill battle.
  3. Cheating software- Because the scam happens on the back end of the Website this top five online casino scam may be a bit more difficult to spot. When rouge casinos use cheating software they are internally manipulating the game to the advantage of the casino to keep the players from winning or limiting the amount the a player can win. Since the casino is working the system to their favor, it is almost impossible for players to win or get paid when a rouge casino uses cheating software.
  4. Bait and switch- This is one of the more under handed of the top five online casino scams. This scam works by giving the player two different sets of odds when they are playing in fun mode than when playing with real money. When you’re playing in fun mode the odds of winning are higher, all of this winning lures you into a false sense of security and encourages you to switch from fun mode, into real money gambling mode. Once you switch into real money mode, the odds of the games drop significantly and you winning streak turns into a losing streak faster than you can scream “bingo”. And this time you’re losing your heard earned cash instead of wacky Internet cash.
  5. Counting software– Much like the cheating software, counting software works on the back end of the online casino. Ironically, this one of the top five online casino scams uses the same counting tricks that real life gamblers have been using the knock the casinos dead for years. It uses mathematical formulas to count cards, and control the outcomes of the games.
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