Top 5 Young Female Contemporary Christian Singers

These top 5 young female contemporary Christian singers are young, vicious and full of faith with albums of praise, worship and hope. These women sing about their faith, life or pain in the world. Some songs have been nominated or won Dove awards which are Christian music's equivalent to the Grammys. These young female singers are rising to the top of the Christian charts.

  1. Francesca Battistelli Once in a pop group, she branched out on her own and penned her major label album, “My Paper Heart.” She’s one of the best young female contemporary Christian singers nominated twice for New Artist of the Year, taking the Dove award home in 2009. She plays the guitar and writes music about reflections of life, faith and hope for a world in pain.
  2. Britt Nicole A North Carolina girl who grew up singing in church went on to sign with major Christian label Sparrow Records. More pop than worship singer, she’s clearly one to watch as her popularity grows. Her songs are fun, pop and the type of music young teens like to listen to.
  3. Brooke Barrett Smith Proficient in both the guitar and piano, Brooke won a singing contest with her sister to record a Christian single. There was no turning back from there. With her first debut album she toured with a group of well-known Christian bands. She’s penned her second album and is definitely one of the few top female contemporary Christian rock singers.
  4. Krystal Meyers She wrote her breakthrough hit“Anticonformity” before she entered the ninth grade. Her debut album garnered four top ten hits in the Christian music genre. A California girl, musician, songwriter and incredible singer who went on a tour performing in front of half a million people. This top female contemporary Christian singer has what it takes to be the best.
  5. Stephanie Smith New to Christian music, this rock star works with nonprofit organizations. She didn’t meet her biological father until she was fourteen years of age; it didn’t go well but that didn't deter her from her music. Instead, she was inspired to sing about her faith and her beliefs. She's young, ambitious and has a lifetime of life lessons to share with her fans.

These are a few of the top five female contemporary Christian singers on the scene today. Their debut albums are influential, heartfelt and  filled with worship and praise. These girls are the ones to watch and as they continue to climb the top of the contemporary Christian Billboard charts with their hit singles and amazing, inspiring albums.

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