Top Action Movies Of All Time

The top action movies of all time are more than just movies, they are an experience. Action films are almost always thrillers, in which people or places are in a state of peril, and a hero arrives to save the day. This is a short list of the top action films of all time.

  1. "300." An action-packed take on the battle of Thermopylae. Outnumbered ten to 1,300, Spartan warriors hold back the entire Persian army for three days until their defeat. Their courage and fearlessness inspired all of ancient Greece to take up arms against Persia's army in a battle that would give birth to the concept of modern democracy. This was produced in 2007.
  2. "Gladiator." A Roman soldier strip of everything and set to be executed escapes only to be captured by slave traders. Maximus is returned to Rome where he amuses fellow Romans under disguise in fights to the death at the Coliseum. He eventually wins the love of the crowd, regains his freedom and exacts revenge on those who betrayed him. This was produced in 2000.
  3. "Conan The Barbarian." This is a 1982 action movie. After the massacre of his parents and tribe, a young boy is made into a slave whose purpose is to push the wheel of pain. After his release, Conan wanders before stumbling upon a mentor who teaches him the art of fighting. Now a disciplined warrior, Conan uses his skills to exact revenge upon those responsible for the deaths of his people.
  4. "Raiders Of The Lost Ark." In 1981, the university professor/archeologist Indiana Jones action hero made his screen debut. The archeologist Jones' first mission was to retrieve the mythical lost ark of the covenant before Germany's Hitler does and use the ark's power to secure his conquest of the world.
  5. "Predator." A special forces commando team on a rescue mission in the Amazon Rainforest meets an unexpected foe. This enemy came to earth from another galaxy to find a worthy prey to hunt; it is a killing machine that is unseen and unheard. One by one, the commando warriors fall until one finds a way to defeat the predator. This action film was released in 1987.
  6. "Blade." Blade is a half vampire, half human vampire hunter with super human powers and fighting skills. With the use of an antidote, Blade is able to maintain human compassion in order to take down vampires who prey on unaware and unsuspecting humans. This action-packed film was made in 1998.
  7. "Die Hard." Several hostages are held 30 stories above Los Angeles on Christmas Eve by a terrorist who plans to steal $600,000,000 locked in the skyscraper's high tech safe. A New York cop whose wife happens to be one of the hostages enters the building against orders to take on the terrorist with only a handgun and a lot of courage. This action film was produced in 1988.
  8. "Rambo: First Blood." An ex Green Beret is persecuted by a sheriff in the hometown of one of his fallen solider brothers. Rambo takes to the woods after escaping the local jail and picks off every law enforcement official within a 50 mile radius who comes in to get him. The only thing that can save them from Rambo is his former commanding officer who talks Rambo down. This is a 1982 action film.
  9. "The Matrix." After being freed from his virtual reality prison and taught the skills a virtual warrior, Neo is the chosen one. Neo's mission is to free humans who are being held physically and psychologically by the grips of the matrix. This action movie was made in 1999.



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