Top Bank Heist Movies Of 2000

The best top bank heist movies of 2000 had it all: ultra violence, excessive sex, superfluous cursing, and psychologically shocking plotlines. In short, they made for some very memorable movies from that year. While these bank heist movies of 2000 may have flown under the radar and not earned a lot at the box office, it was everyone's loss that they didn't see these films the first time around.

  1. "Amores Perros." This ultra-violent and ultra-bleak neo-noir bank heist film from Mexico won a lot of awards back in the year 2000, which is why it is only fitting and logical that it takes top spot on this top bank heist movie countdown. Tactically interweaving the short stories of several different characters whose lives are affected through a mutual car accident, "Amores Perros" also features a character by the name of Ramiro robbing a bank, during which time he is murdered. This sets off a whole blame-game component between his surviving wife and brother, who actively pines for his sister-in-law.
  2. "Small Time Crooks." This bank heist movie from 2000 was written and directed by Woody Allen, which automatically makes it a crime-comedy. Starring Woody Allen as the leader of a pack of friends who wants to buy a restaurant so he can tunnel underneath it to a nearby bank for a big job, "Small Time Crooks" also stars the prostitute-soliciting Hugh Grant and Englishwoman Tracey Ullman as supporting players.
  3. "Sexy Beast." "Sexy Beast" was an underrated bank heist movie from the year 2000 that featured many British actors. It included all the types of subject matter that undermined your faith in humanity, such as ultra-violent scenes of murder, decadence, homosexual orgies, and yes, a big bank heist attempt that involves the nifty plan to drill a path into said bank's vault from the swimming pool of a neighboring house! "Sexy Beast" stars Ben Kingsley, Ian McShane and Ray Winstone.
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