Top Chef Winners: Where Are They Now?

After watching your favorite Bravo channel reality show, do you find yourself wondering what happens to the “Top Chef winners, where are they now?" Or any reality show winners for that matter? After that person’s winning season ends and the new one begins, what happens? Apparently, many of them go on to open their own restaurant or go back to their former restaurant and watch it achieve national fame from their victory.

  1. Harold Dieterle. Mr. Dieterle has that special honor of being the first of the “Top Chef” winners. Today, he owns Perilla, a Greenwich Village, New York, neighborhood restaurant.

  2. Ilan Hall. After becoming the second of the “Top Chef” winners, Ilan moved to Los Angeles. There, he owns The Gorbals, an establishment known as a gastropub, with a unique Jewish-Scottish atmosphere.

  3. Hung Huynh. The Solo Restaurant in Manhattan, New York City is honored to have the third of the “Top Chef” winners.

  4. Stephanie Izard. Season Four added Ms. Izard to the roster of “Top Chef” winners. She has since appeared at many food festivals and donates her time and talents to charity events.

  5. Hosea Rosenberg. After becoming Season 5’s entry into the “Top Chef” winners category, Rosenberg went back to Jax Fish House in Boulder, Colorado. He is currently in Hong Kong, and frequently posts blog entries about his trip and what’s happening while he is there.

  6. Michael Votagllio. The most recent of “Top Chef” winners, he owns The Dining Room at the Langham, which is located in Pasedena, California.