Top Classic Games On NES

The top classic games on NES are quite simply fun and highly addictive.  What they lack in graphical prowess they more than make up for in gameplay and originality.  Before the exponential boom in polygon counts and progressive lines seen on today's game consoles, the classic Nintendo Entertainment System boasted eight bits of power which were more than enough to satisfy gamers of the late 1980s.  The following are ten of the best classic games on the acclaimed NES.

  1. Super Mario Bros.  The classic Mario game and sequel to the 1983's Mario Bros. followed the famous Italian plumber brothers and their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.  By defeating King Bowser and rescuing the princess, Mario (and Luigi) became the face of the Nintendo franchise. The game itself spawned numerous sequels while serving as inspiration to decades of imitations and tributes.
  2. Super Mario Bros. 3.  Widely regarded as the benchmark for all platform games that followed, this release introduced the Bowser kids, new power suits, warp whistles, and a slew of new characters and items to the booming Mario franchise. Set after the events of the previous releases, Mario's classic adventure to once again save the princess was the magnum opus in the final years of the NES.
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Questionable story and game play elements clouded the first TMNT game on the NES, but its sequel more than made up for it. The game was a port of an arcade classic, employed two-player co-op, and was superior to the original in every way imaginable.
  4. Tetris. While a staple to the Nintendo Gameboy system, the console iteration of this Russian puzzle game enjoyed wide success. Forming lines using tetrominoes, and advancing levels was as challenging, addictive and fun on the classic NES as it is today.
  5. The Legend Of Zelda. This franchise originated on the Japanese Famicom Disk System and then the NES before becoming a pillar in Nintendo's house of first-party games. The fantasy adventure follows a boy, Link, in his quest to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon, a story that has been revamped and rewritten for many generations after the original NES classic.
  6. 1942. Ported from an arcade game,1942 was one of the first top-down shooter video games to achieve massive popularity on the Nintendo home console.  Set in the Pacific during World War II, this classic shooter has since inspired numerous sequels and clones.
  7. Double Dragon. As Billy Lee or Jimmy, players fight through hordes of villains to rescue a captured loved one, Marian. This Taito Corporation classic was one of the first successful beat-em-up games on the NES while spawning a variety of sequels and spin-offs for the system and on future consoles.
  8. Super Mario Bros. 2.  A unique installment in the Mario franchise, the game is actually a redesign of another game, Doki Doki Panic, with Nintendo's trademark characters installed into the story. Super Mario Bros. 2 enjoyed mixed criticism upon its original release but has since been embraced for giving its characters personalities and qualities that are still present in the franchise today.
  9. Bubble Bobble. Never has blowing and popping bubbles been so fun as it was in this 1986 classic NES game. Another former arcade gem, the game allowed two players to control twin dragons in an effort to advance through one hundred creative, quirky and increasingly difficult levels.
  10. Bomberman. This strategy game asked players to place bombs in areas to destroy obstacles, defeat enemies, and advance through numerous stages.  A favorite among puzzle-loving gamers, Bomberman is a classic franchise and one of the most successful games on the classic NES.
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