Top European Soccer Leagues

Thanks to top European soccer leagues, soccer enjoys incredible popularity on the European continent and is finally starting to become more popular in the United States. Nearly every European nation has its own league and legion of loyal followers, and each league has something different to offer international soccer fans. Some are exciting and inventive, some are technically precise and they are all wildly competitive. Read on to learn more about the top European soccer leagues.

English Premier League The English Premier League (EPL) has long been considered one of the top European soccer leagues. With internationally renowned teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, the EPL offers some of the most intense competition among top European soccer leagues. The EPL is generally considered to be the most popular league, particularly based on the sheer number of television viewers and volume of merchandise sold. Some of the league’s players, such as David Beckham, have become so popular that they are their own brand.

La Liga La Liga is the league of Spain and is certainly among the top European soccer leagues. Home to teams of legendary status like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this league draws excellent players from Spain as well as from South America and other noteworthy soccer nations. The combination of talent and passion creates an environment for some of the most lively and exciting soccer on the continent. Many of the top players in this league can claim international super-star status and have some of the most profitable contracts in sports.

Bundesliga The Bundesliga is the soccer league of Germany. Defined by their precise and technical play, the teams of the Bundesliga play in one of the top European soccer leagues. Bayern Munich is the most famous of the German teams, although Werder Bremen and VfB Stuttgart also do quite well. Despite fewer internationally famous teams than other top European soccer leagues, the Bundesliga has been of vital importance for the careers of many players, and the league boasts stadiums and fan numbers that are seldom matched.

Serie A Serie A is the top league in Italy and is always counted among the top European soccer leagues. Defined by teams like AC Milan, FC Juventus, Serie A is known for its intensely competitive and passionate play. The fans are some of the most loyal in all of soccer and the results of their favorite team are important to their daily lives and a source of pride for fans and cities. The devotion of the fans adds an extra dimension to the atmosphere of the stadiums that establishes a unique reputation for Serie A and its fans.

UEFA UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations and is the governing body of football in Europe. They organize the UEFA Cup and Champions League, which create the opportunity for teams from the different European leagues to compete against one another. Often, teams from the top European soccer leagues described earlier prove themselves to be among the best on the continent.

Watching teams from the top European soccer leagues play is very exciting. Top players from around the world playing for fame and pride with victory and contracts worth tens of millions of dollars on the line creates an environment where the most competitive and exciting soccer in the world can flourish. 

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