Top Jobs In Demand

What are the top jobs in demand today?  Graduates and others seeking jobs or just a change in careers due to the economic situation in this country need to look at the top jobs where employer needs are not being met.  There are numerous fields and careers where demand for employees far outweighs the supply.

  1. Medical Jobs – Jobs in the medical field seem to have hit an all time low in the number of qualified employees being produced yearly vs the number of employees needed.  As the aging population increases, medical issues are growing drastically and the need to assist those with aging issues is not being met. Age related challenges are exceeding the number of qualified medical students graduating yearly.  Then with the increase in insurance and other cost associated with medical related jobs, jobs in the medical fields continues to remain in high demand.  
  2. Internet Account and Marketing Directors – When the dot com bust occurred years ago, many of those working within the WWW field took a mad dash from that direction leaving the digital world behind.  Now technology has left the internet open and available with the need for web account marketing directors with at least seven years of experience in high demand.  Internet Marketing directors can earn salaries beginning at $150K or better.  With well rounded experience in print, radio and television, the potential to earn in excess of that amount is even greater. 
  3. Resort or Hotel General Managers – With the mad rush to get away from it all taking corporate executives and others on trips to resorts or other areas for rest and relaxation, the need for good general managers is growing.  Those with bachelor or higher degrees can earn upwards to $250K yearly.  With the right experience and reputation behind them, a general manager can live the life at one of the countries luxury resorts.
  4. Athletic Wear Designer – Surprisingly enough, athletic wear is in and those designing athletic wear for the stars can make an amazing living.  A designer can begin with a salary ranging somewhere around $90 to $200,000 yearly.  It's all about the appeal of his design.
  5. Project Managers – The Industrial and commercial demand for malls, healthcare facilities, high rises and other large complexes has made the demand for project managers a necessity where the supply is dwindling and almost none. Project managers must oversee construction work assuring that it is done to specifications. They are required to have at least a four year degree in construction technology and experience. With the right qualifications, a project manager can earn a starting salary somewhere in the range of $250,000.
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