Top Male Actors

The top male actors in Hollywood provide a mixture of talent and box office appeal. Some actors are content to portray small critically acclaimed roles while others always seem to set the box office on fire. The best male actors dabble in both types of films, succeeding regardless of the material.

  1. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson is one of the most critically acclaimed male actors in Hollywood history. The Academy Awards nominated him for twelve Oscars, the most of any male actor. He won three Oscars, two for leading roles and one for a supporting role.
  2. Daniel Day-Lewis Actor Daniel Day-Lewis does not star in many movies. He broke out with a supporting role in Oscar-winning film “Ghandi.” His first Oscar win came eight years later in “My Left Foot.” Four years and three films later, he received his second nomination for “In the Name of the Father.” Over the next fourteen years, he only starred in five films. Of those five, he received another Oscar nomination for “Gangs of New York” and his second Oscar win for “There Will Be Blood.”
  3. Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. made a comeback to acting after years of drug abuse. Since then, Downey has delivered solid roles in critically acclaimed films like “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “Zodiac.” He has become one of the top male actors in Hollywood, starring in three blockbusters that made $1.7 billion worldwide: “Iron Man,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “Iron Man 2.”
  4. Johnny Depp Johnny Depp got his start with a small role in the original “Nightmare on Elm Street.” He has now appeared in three of the top ten worldwide box office successes. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise made more than $2.7 billion worldwide and “Alice in Wonderland” broke $1 billion in 2010.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio Leo has been acting since he was seventeen-years-old. By the age of 23, the male actor starred in the second most successful movie of all time, “Titanic.” The Academy nominated him for three Oscars and his 2010 release “Inception” passed $400 million worldwide in just four weeks.
  6. Will Smith Will Smith was, at one time, known as Mr. Fourth of July. “Independence Day,” “Men in Black,” “Wild Wild West” and “Men in Black II” hit theaters during the Independence Day weekend and were successful at the box office. Since his film debut in 1992, Smith has become one of the more bankable stars in Hollywood.
  7. Matt Damon Originally, people connected Matt Damon with friend Ben Affleck after they won Oscars for the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting.” Since then, Damon soared as a top tier male actor. Damon became a star following his work in the “Bourne” and “Ocean Eleven” trilogies, two franchises that made over $2 billion worldwide.
  8. Brad Pitt Brad Pitt broke out with his small role in “Thelma and Louise” and set out to break the pretty boy stereotype. He appeared in movies as varied as “True Romance,” “Interview with the Vampire,” “Se7en,” “Twelve Monkeys,” “Fight Club” and “Snatch.” Each movie was different from the last and Pitt grew into one of the most versatile male actors in Hollywood. The Academy has nominated him for two Oscars, the most recent in 2009.
  9. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise was, at one time, the biggest male movie star in the world. His name alone could sell any movie. Thanks to off-screen controversies, he is not the draw he once was but remains one of the best male actors working today. The Academy has nominated Cruise for three Oscars.
  10. Christian Bale Christian Bale first gained public attention as a thirteen-year-old boy in Steven Spielberg’s “Empire of the Sun.” He hit it big when Christopher Nolan cast him as Batman in “Batman Begins.” Since then, he has also portrayed John Connor in the “Terminator” franchise and starred as Melvin Purvis in Michael Mann’s retelling of John Dillinger’s fate in “Public Enemies.”
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