Top Techno Songs

Mind catching beats sidle up to bone jarring tempos and lyrics get sprinkled in as the 10 top techno songs take your speakers to school. Few things can capture both your imagination and body like techno. Varying styles give your mind what it needs when it needs it in this list:

  1. "Just like a Man": Way out West slides in almost insidiously and delivers everything you could want in one song. The intro alone sets everything off like a backwards fall in slow motion onto a bed. "Just Like a Man" makes you theirs for the entire song and you don't want it any other way.
  2. "Fire": Ferry Corsten seems incapable of not being catchy. The music slides up and down, then sideways as the vocals play catch up to all the build-ups. "Fire" grabs your hips and your head and takes a position as a top techno song.
  3. "Calling Your Name": Like fast blooming flowers, Sasha casts quick little blossoms of sound into the air and the petals fall where they may. "Calling Your Name" takes its sharp edges and brings you safely through the noise. Mountains and valleys of sound keep the momentum going as you surrender to an obvious top techno song.
  4. "Up": A song that mimics night fall as we slow down to watch the sun set then speed up to reclaim the shadows. "Up" delivers a wall of simple sound that overwhelms like an oncoming storm. Senses are filled and healed as Asbjorn Hegdahl shows what it takes to make a top techno song.
  5. "Please Save Me": No build up here as "Please Save Me" powers up and keeps pounding throughout your skeletal system. Strategic big noise hits and quieter moments get scattered through as the mind is opened to the experience. Suncreem vs Push deliver big here and earn their top techno honors.
  6. "The Devil is in the Beats": Eclectic yet approachable, the Chemical Brothers hit hard as they build an environment filled with whistles, bass drums and the kitchen sink. "The Devil is in the Beats" makes you long for more while you guess what's coming next. A bleeding paranoia filled with happy notes makes this a great techno hit.
  7. "I Want Your Soul": Straight '80s nostalgia permeates Armand Van Helden's track but avoids the sickly sweet trap of over delivering. Every good thing from the '80s was blended to form the musical foundation for "I Want Your Soul" and the end result is genius. Good luck feeling moody with this running in the background.
  8. "Absurd": Fluke drops you into a feeling of classic spy material. Danger is around the corner, keep moving, and don't ever slow as "Absurd" has you checking your periphery for hostiles. A top techno song can change not just your mood but the mood of the room you're listening in and this does that in spades.
  9. "Da Funk": As if someone followed you on a walk, Daft Punk takes a left foot, right foot approach and takes control of your feet. "Da Funk" hits in all the right places, it builds rather than jars and thus can't be anything but one of techno's top songs. A frenetic build near the middle distracts while your ears are reset to what they want you to hear.
  10. "Escalator": If you stop, you're dead is the message here. Keep moving; keep feeling with your senses and maybe the end will come. "Escalator" lands you on tiny plateaus then sends you rocketing up further until you plateau again. A top techno song for its blending of all the classic moves but still keeping the interest and the adrenaline going strong.
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