Top Ten Best Video Game Endings

This list gathers the top ten best video game endings ever.  Some are happy, some are sad, and some are surprising, but if you made it to any of them yourself, they were definitely memorable.

  1. "Bioshock."  The best moment in the game was about three quarters of the way through when you came face-to-face with Andrew Ryan, but the multiple endings of "Bioshock" deserve mention, too.  The most touching, of course, is the ending you get if you save all the Little Sisters.  Here you see the reward for choosing kindness over self-interest as the Little Sisters grow old and then attend to you at your bedside during your final moments.
  2. “Chrono Trigger.”  “Chrono Trigger” pioneered the concept of multiple endings based on how you play the game.  The wealth of different endings gave the game a replayability uncommon to RPGs at the time.  It may seem commonplace now, but you have “Chrono Trigger’s” influence to thank for that.
  3. “Final Fantasy VII.”  Just as “Chrono Trigger” pioneered multiple endings for RPGs, “Final Fantasy VII” was pioneering in its use of cutscenes to tell the story.  Sure those cutscenes may look dated now, but at the time they were breathtaking.  The game’s ending is no exception.
  4. “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.”  “Someday when this seal is broken, that is when I will exterminate your descendants.”  This is the threat of Ganondorf at the end of “Ocarina of Time,” setting it up as a prequel of sorts to the rest of the series.  Thankfully for the rest of the series, he is true to his word.
  5. “Metal Gear Solid.”  Ooh, you mean Ocelot was a double-agent all along?  The “Metal Gear Solid” franchise has become known for its Byzantine plots and surprising twists, and the ending to this first entry for the Playstation is no exception.  It both wraps up the events of the game and leaves an opening for the sequels to come.
  6. “Metroid.”  Speaking of plot twists, who would have guessed that in “Metroid” you were playing as a woman all along?  It may seem like a non-issue in the post-Tomb Raider era, but at the time “Metroid” came out it was nearly unheard of in the male-dominated world of video games.  Samus Aran was no dainty damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a mustachioed plumber or effeminate elf-boy; she kicked ass all on her own.
  7. “Super Metroid.”  In this “Metroid” outing, Samus had a little help from her friend.  The surprising plot twist was that her friend was a Metroid.  By sparing the infant Metroid’s life, Samus earned herself an ally against the evil Mother Brain, who nearly finishes her off before the Metroid steps in to help.  Ain’t that sweet?
  8. “Silent Hill 2.”  Perhaps the most bizarre game ending of all time, the secret “Dog Ending” from “Silent Hill 2” took a considerable amount of work to find.  The effort was worth it, though, as the player was treated to a hilarious scene of a dog controlling the Silent Hill universe via a secret control room.  Oh, and the music during the credits needs to be heard to be believed.  So weird.
  9. “Half-Life.”  Just who is this G-Man, and who does he represent?  You won’t find out at the end of “Half-Life,” but you will find out if you refuse his offer that you are entirely at his mercy.  No regrets, Mr. Freeman.
  10. “Final Fantasy X.”  Man, you’ve beaten the game and now Tidus is gone… or is he?  Guess you’ll have to wait until the disappointingly inferior “Final Fantasy X-2” to find out.  Still, it’s hard not to be moved by his sacrifice at the end of this game, and Yuna’s resolution to press on despite it.
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