Top Ten Bollywood Movies

The top ten Bollywood movies display the creativity and culture of Indian filmmakers. These films are energetic, moving and, of course, entertaining, but they also show the talent behind Bollywood actors, writers and directors. However, the most important aspect of these films is their portrayal of Indian culture. By watching these movies, viewers are provided insight into Indian society and cultural norms.

  1. "I Hate Luv Storys" In this Bollywood movie, two opposites have very different notions about love: He doesn’t believe in it,and she loves the idea of love, but not love itself. After meeting, the two find their lives turned upside down, forcing them to rethink how they approach love.
  2. "Fanaa" This dramatic movie tells the tale of lost love, survival and fighting to protect yourself and others. Zooni, blind from birth, falls in love with a hopeless flirt. When he's killed and she's discovered to be pregnant, she manages to overcome her pain to raise their son. One night, a mysterious man appears on their doorstep and his presence puts everyone she loves in danger. 
  3. "Guzaarish" This dramatic Bollywood film follows the repercussions of a paralyzed magician who asks the court to allow himself to end his life, which has been relatively stable due to the dedication of his nurse. But as he faces complete organ failure and requests death, the love between him and his nurse is challenged in unthinkable ways. 
  4. "Raajneeti" This political film depicts one man’s inability to avoid crime, deceit and murder in the current political climate. Regardless of the fact that he’s about to obtain his Ph.D., Bhaskar Sanyal finds that the life he believed he was about to embark on will never occur.
  5. "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham" This Bollywood film focuses on the pain and love of family. When a wealthy family’s adopted son runs away to marry a woman they have found unsuitable, the family is torn apart. His sister travels to bring him home, but his stubbornness just might mean the total destruction of the family. 
  6. "Dostana" A comedy, this Bollywood movie follows two men who have pretended to be homosexual to secure a Miami apartment. Hilarity ensues when both fall for their neighbor, but must maintain their ruse. This film is one of the best Bollywood comedies of all time.
  7. "Once Upon a Time in Mumbai" This film depicts the parallel lives of two gangsters living in different eras, showing that no matter the year, living a life of crime always carries the same risks. 
  8. "Badmaash Company" This Bollywood movie depicts the lives of four friends who jointly start a business. While the company is an instant hit, it soon becomes clear that its success is due to the owner’s unorthodox ways, ways which will inevitably tear the four apart. 
  9. "Guru" In this movie, Manikdas Gupta raises himself from the slums to become one of India’s biggest industry tycoons. The movie shows the pain and determination it takes to succeed and for that, it is one of the greatest Bollywood movies of all time.
  10. "Chak De India" This movie depicts one former hockey star’s return to the sport to coach a woman’s team. Uplifting and emotional, it is a wonderful Bollywood movie.
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