Top Ten Pump Up Songs

Some songs just exude energy and excitement and pump you up, so take a look at the top ten pump up songs. 

  1. "Fuel" by Metallica. Although this song was written and performed long after the heavy metal band had turned into a heavy alternative band at best, this track radiates energy and James Hetfield's vocals combined with energetic guitar parts make this one of the ten best pump up songs.
  2. "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine. This funk infused metal band is known for delivering powerful tracks but on this song they simply rage and wail like few of their contemporaries could even imagine.
  3. "When Worlds Collide" by Powerman 5000. The big rollicking choruses and heavy pulsating guitars are laced with a catchy pop-hook that is so infectious it could even make the most uptight English professor want to go shred some black diamond trails on a snowboard just to watch the snow accumulate in the faces of uptight yuppie skiers. The solid drumming and slightly esoteric bridge add atmosphere to this late 90's pump up song.
  4. "The Sky is the Limit" by Lil' Wayne. New Orleans based rapper Lil' Wayne creates some of the best wordplay the business has ever seen. When this guy wants to get his fans going he can deliver a chorus that makes you feel sky high without the us of any illicit substances. It should come as no surprise that a rapper who experiences such a meteoric rise to the top would deliver one of the best pump up songs of the 2000's.
  5. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. If you need an explanation for why this is one of the best pump up songs ever, then you should probably start at classic rock 101 before reading a list like this.
  6. "Machinehead" by Bush. This British grunge rockers crafted a good number of high-energy songs in their day, but this one stands above the rest as one of the best pump up songs of all time. The electric guitar gives into lyrics that are practically tailored for a workout playlist. This track not only motivates many of us when working out, but it could also act as a reminder for the ditzy Blonde girls out there to breathe in, breathe out.
  7. "Pull" by Better Than Ezra. Better Than Ezra known is known best for their mid-tempo brand of alternative rock, but with this track the New Orleans rockers deliver one of the best pump up songs of all time. 
  8. "Lit Up" by Buckcherry. Los Angeles rockers Buckcherry deliver one of the best pump up songs of all time on their debut album. While this track may be about someone's love of cocaine, the music and energy of the song make it about far more than that. If this song comes on while you are driving you will find yourself fighting a battle with your right foot as it will inevitably start pushing harder on that accelerator.
  9. "Jump Around" by House of Pain. How many times have we heard this track? The staying power of this song alone solidifies its place on any best pump up song playlist. No matter how many times it has been played it remains fresh and still causes the energy level in a room to rise to eleven.
  10. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.  Right from the very first guitar note you know you are about to hear one of the best pump up songs ever crafted. The roaring choruses of this song combined with Kurt Cobain's trademark voice and delivery create something that sounds fresh years after its debut.
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