Top Ten Reasons To Date A Volleyball Player

The top ten reasons to date a volleyball player can all help you understand the advantages of dating an individual who professionally or habitually plays volleyball. The advantages are all significant and may sway you to consider pursuing a man or woman who plays the game. It is wise to read and consider this list if you consider dating a volleyball player.

  1. Fit: A volleyball player will likely be fit and therefore, capable of participating in numerous physical activities. Dating will no longer be limited to movie and dinner; instead, you can go jogging, hiking or even skiing with this athletic person.
  2. Body: Since they are physically active, a volleyball player is more likely to have a great body. Luckily, this will make them more attractive with a great body shape. They may even have several muscles!
  3. Mind: Volleyball also takes a great mind, so the individual may be quite smart and great to carry on a conversation with.
  4. Social: Volleyball is a sports game, so it is possible that dating a volleyball player will mean dating a social individual. Thus, the possibility of dating an outgoing person makes this one of the top ten reasons to date a volleyball player.
  5. Fun: After all, volleyball is a game. Therefore, the person may love having fun and enjoying themselves overall. If you're looking for someone who loves to have a good time, a volleyball player may be just the person for you.
  6. Inspiring: Volleyball can be inspiring. Therefore, dating a person who plays the game may inspire you to become more athletically involved and find your own sport that you enjoy, too.
  7. Interesting: Volleyball players practice and play for long periods at a time. Therefore, they may have many interesting stories to share with you at dinner, making this one of the top ten reasons to date a volleyball player.
  8. Sports-savvy: If you enjoy other sports, this may be just the person to talk about sports with. They may have a heightened interest in other athletic games since they already play one themselves.
  9. Strong: Volleyball requires using many body muscles. Therefore, it may be nice to have someone strong around to help you if you need to lift or fix things that require great strength.
  10. Competitive: Not necessarily a downside, but it may be fun dating someone competitive. Perhaps their entire personality is competitive, giving you many fun challenges as you date this person.
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