Top Ten Richest Country Singers

Looking for the top ten richest country singers? Country singers seem to be exceptionally good at making (and keeping) money.  Here are the top 10 richest country singers and some of the ways that they are making the big bucks.  Whether they are earning millionaire status by just singing and writing songs or if they are supplementing their income with other notes of genius, this list gives us a peak into the financial world of the country star. 

  1. Taylor Swift.  Number 12 on the Forbes 100 richest and most powerful celebrities list, this young millionaire grossed over 54 million in the last 12 months in live concerts alone.  Add to that her album sales and downloads, Taylor Swift just seems to sing people to the stores.  And if that wasn’t enough, she has huge contracts with music companies as well as make up giants.

  2. Kenny Chesney.  This is a man who knows how to perform.  His performances grossed an amazing 71 million dollars last year (which works out to about 1.6 million each night).  That is just about double the amount that of the next closest contender.  A credit card company also pays this millionaire handsomely to back their credit cards.  

  3. Rascal Flatts.  Unlike most other country stars, Rascal Flatts made this to 10 richest country singers list by their popular appeal along with their music.  They have accepted significantly less licensing deals and endorsements than the rest of the well known country stars.  Don’t feel sorry for them though, they still made $42 million touring in 2009 which is higher than all but two country singers.

  4. Toby Keith. Now this is a man with a plan.  In addition to his $30 million if concert income, this millionaire owns his own growing chain of restaurants and gets millions from his stakes in different publishing companies.  Toby Keith has a solid spot upon the top 10 richest country singers list.

  5. Keith Urban.  Coming in second for highest concert earner, Keith Urban gets about $70,000 per night for his concerts.  He is a touring machine and does it well.

  6. Garth Brooks. One of the most famous make country singers, Garth Brooks is set for life.  He even retired a couple of years back but it seems that retired life didn’t suit him so he signed a 5 year deal with a hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  Letting the touring come to him is probably the perfect solution. 

  7. Reba NcEntire.  With 26 albums and 33 number 1 country hits, it is no surprise that Reba is on the list of top 10 richest country singers.

  8. Dolly Parton.  Estimated to have a net worth of $100 – $500 million dollars, Dolly Parton solidly sits on the very top of the top 10 richest country singers list.  Not only does she have the money she earned from her singing career but she has a theme park which she runs as well as a very popular dinner show.

  9. Tim McGraw. With 11 straight albums starting at number one and 21 singles making it to the coveted number one spot, Tim McGraw has proven be a powerhouse in country music and that (and his relationship with Faith Hill, see below) gives him this spot on our top 10 richest country singers list.

  10. Faith Hill. Faith Hill is an incredible singer that has made her way to the top 10 richest country singers by having her music be able to cross over to popular culture.  She had 3 albums debut at number one on both the country music charts as well as the general music charts.  She is married to Tim McGraw (see above) and together they toured and earned $90 million dollars, becoming the all time highest earning country tour ever.

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