Top Ten Richest Singers In The World

Ever wondered who the top ten richest singers in the world are? It can be confusing when you try and figure out everyone’s net worth, especially because so many go on to invest their money in other projects or start other businesses on the side. While many of the people that made this list of ten richest singers in the world are rather obvious, you might be surprised by some of the others.

  1. Madonna: It’s the Material Girl that tops our list of the ten richest singers in the world. With a net worth of $650 million and a new clothing line being released with her daughter, Lourdes, Madonna shows us she hasn’t put the Blonde Ambition to rest yet.
  2. Paul McCartney: Former Beatle, Paul McCartney, ran a close race with Madonna for the top spot in the ten richest singers in the world (we only gave it to the Material Girl due to her new clothing line). Also worth a stunning $650 million, Paul has become quite adept at keeping his exes from stealing his money.
  3. Elton John: Known for his outrageous attire and great pop songs, this Crocodile Rock-er is worth a cool $500 million. All those Disney contracts are great for the wallet.
  4. Sean Combs: Say what? Who’s he? Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy and P Diddy, is our highest-scoring rapper as he slides into fourth place in the list of ten richest singers in the world. Granted, his rap career hasn’t been all that stunning, but he’s made some very wise investments.
  5. Celine Dion: With the voice of an angel, Celine slides into the fifth position for richest singers in the world, thanks to a very prosperous stay in Las Vegas and her continued album sales. With a net worth of $260 million, she’s definitely set to send her children off to college.
  6. Prince: It’s a good thing he changed his name from that symbol he used to use, or we would have been able to credit Prince as being number six on our list of ten richest singers in the world. With $250 million, Prince has plenty of money to buy platform boots.
  7. Mick Jagger and Mariah Carey: Okay kids, get out your monopoly money and count your singles again. You can’t both win seventh place. Surely one of you has a little more than the $225 million that you’re both rumored to be worth. Break open a piggy bank perhaps?
  8. David Bowie: He’s been around forever and he continues to rake in the dough with a net worth of $215 million. There are rumors that he may be worth a considerable bit more than this, but no one knows for sure. Bowie has always loved to be mysterious.
  9. Bono and Kylie Minogue: What does Ireland and Australia have in common? Great accents? Well, besides that, both have given us one of the ten richest singers in the world! With a tie at $200 million each, the frontman of U2 and cute little Kylie hold down the ninth position.
  10. Bette Midler: Beating out “Babs” for top Diva songstress, Bette Midler finishes off our list of top ten richest singers in the world, winning the race by a nose. With $175 million, this amazingly funny singer teaches us money can be funny, and laughter’s the best medicine.



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