Top Ten Worst WWE Champions

Who are the top ten worst WWE Champions? In the sports entertainment industry the WWE Championship stands for being the best. Sometimes that hasn't always been the case. Maybe a champion didn't live up to the pressure of such a high honor, or maybe the championship reign was so quick fans of wrestling have forgotten it all together. A look at the history of the WWE championship has brought up a list of the Top Ten Worst WWE Champions of all times.

  1. Antonio Inoki. Although Antonio wasn't a bad wrestler, he was used as a place holder champion in the 1970s. He won the title in his home territory of Japan and quickly vacated the title six days later. There wasn't enough time to see what talent Inoki truly had.
  2. Sheamus. After only being in the WWE for a little more than six months, Sheamus was granted the WWE Championship. With very little talent, and a desperate need of a tan, Sheamus did very little during his 70 day title reign. A combination of lack of talent, little professional experience, and no character gimmick puts Sheamus on the list of one of the worst champions in WWE history.
  3. Andre the Giant. Perhaps one of the most notable names in wrestling turned into one of the worst champions in history. After beating Hulk Hogan for the title, the Giant quickly sold out and handed over the title to the Million Dollar Man. To have such an honor to only sell out not even five minutes after winning puts Andre in the books as one of the worst champions.
  4. Jeff Hardy. The Hardy brothers are known for their high flying dare devil wrestling moves. When given the chance to be the top of the wrestling world, Jeff Hardy was a total flop. Never has a wrestler done so little in a month title reign, than Hardy. Unless you are a die hard Hardy fan, it's hardly remembered that Jeff Hardy held the title.
  5. Sycho Sid. As a two time WWE champion one would think that makes you fairly good. Sycho Sid was a fly by night wrestler and there one day and gone the next. He had no fan appeal, and no proper feud with any wrestler during both championship reigns. After his disappointing first title reign it is unclear why he was given the second opportunity. That second opportunity only proved why Sycho Sid is one of the worst champions in WWE.
  6. Yokozuna.  Although he later went onto a very successful Championship reign a few months later, his first reign was a flop. .After winning, Yokozuna was challenged by Hulk Hogan minutes after he won the belt. Hogan pinned Yokozuna, making this title reign the second shortest in WWE history.
  7. Kane. If a title reign is in the single digits and it wasn't lost due to an injury that, that wrestler is a bad champion. Kane, known for some of the most bizarre story lines, held the title for one day. After winning the belt at King of the Ring, Kane lost it the next night. Such a short reign places Kane in the Top Ten Worst Champions.
  8. Bob Backland. In the late '70s Backland was a very popular wrestler, jump 24 years into the future and this highly respected wrestler is past his prime and lacking any of the talent he used to have. In 1994, Backland won the championship belt only to drop it three days later in a throw in the towel match. One last hurrah as champion for three days places Backland on this list.
  9. Rob Van Damn. Usually a wrestler that has a lot of fan appeal turns into a great champion. Van Damn during his title reign had no notable feuds, or did anything of significance. In face, his title reign is so unforgettable people forget he was ever a champion.
  10. Vince McMahon. Vince is better left to running the WWE, but for a length of time he thought he'd give wrestling a try. After winning the championship by having his son referee the match, Vince vacated the belt six days later but lands himself as worst champion of all time.


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