Torn Acl Symptoms

Torn ACL symptoms can be the sign of a serious injury to the knee. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) lies in the middle of the knee, providing rotational stability. If the ACL is torn, something as simple as walking can be painful or even impossible. Torn ACL symptoms often manifest themselves after injuries from exercise and sport. Here are the main early torn ACL symptoms used to tell whether or not the ACL has been injured.

  1. A popping sound at the time of injury. This popping sound can be that of the knee becoming dislocated, or one of the early torn ACL symptoms, the popping itself being the sound of the tear. Torn ACL symptoms like this can manifest themselves with a full or partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament.
  2. Swelling of the knee within six hours of the injury. Knee swelling can be the symptom of a number of injuries, but it is one of the most common torn ACL symptoms. Radical swelling of the knee usually occurs in the case of a torn ACL.
  3. Pain when weight is put on the injured leg. This pain will occur both in the knee area and around it. Like other torn ACL symptoms, it can also be the symptom of another problem, or the tearing of another different ligament, so it is important if the pain persists, along with the swelling, to consult a physician about the true causes of the potential torn ACL symptoms.

Potential torn ACL symptoms should be treated immediately with ice, keeping the knee elevated, and using non-steroid painkillers such as ibuprofen. It is important to keep the knee immobilized, even using a splint if necessary if the injury is serious enough.

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