Tortuous Aorta Symptoms

Tortuous aorta symptoms can be difficult to identify if you don’t know what you’re looking for. A tortuous aorta is an aorta with physical abnormalities and these abnormalities cause the aorta to have a distorted shape or path. Some people with this condition experience no side effects, while others can have extreme complications. Diagnosis of this condition is done with the use of medical imaging studies, which can show the structure of the aorta and other surrounding blood vessels. Being aware of weather or not you are exhibiting any of the symptoms of tortuous aorta can be vital in the timely diagnosis of the condition.

  1. Shortness of breath. A serious symptom of tortuous aorta can be shortness of breath. Because a tortuous aorta can bow and flex abnormally, the condition can prevent the normal spontaneous motion of the esophagus and other muscles that help us to breath normally.
  2. Chest pain. Because the tortuous aorta causes physical changes in the spine or chest wall, chest pain is often a tortuous aorta symptom. With this symptom the space within the chest wall is crowded due to osteoporosis or the spine is shortened due to disk degeneration. These physical abnormalities can cause someone suffering from tortuous aorta severe chest pains as a result.
  3. Muscle fatigue. Tortuous aorta causes deformities in the aorta causing slower blood flow to veins, because of this lack of sufficient blood flow, muscle fatigue can often occur. One of the most common tortuous aorta symptoms in patients is muscle fatigue.
  4. Blood flow blockages. A tortuous aorta can cause physical changes in the aorta such as a narrowing of the aorta passages. The symptom of this is blood flow blockages. If you are experiencing blood flow blockages your blood will flow slower than usual out of your aorta and into your veins that distribute the blood to your body. Cold limbs, especially hands and feet, and limbs that fall asleep quickly can be signals that you are experiencing this tortuous aorta symptom.
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