Toshiba Boombox: Where To Buy

If you are looking to buy a Toshiba Boomox, this Toshiba Boombox: Where To Buy guide will help narrow your search. Buying boomboxes has become a new manifestation in collecting, with many beginning to collect these items which are similar to old radios.  Take note of the following places where you may be able to buy a Toshiba boombox.

  1. Flea Market/Garage/Rummage Sales.Many collectors have found what they're looking for at flea markets.  Keep an eye out for a Toshiba boombox at a flea market, as you never know what you may find. Like flea markets, garage sales are a source for a wide range of items.  You may find boomboxes in a local rummage sale.
  2. Collector's Shows.  Many shows and exhibits for collectors are themed.  Search for audio-related shows in your area. You are likely to find a Toshiba Boombox in mint condition at these types of shows so be prepared to pay extra. 
  3. Newspaper Ads/ Classifieds.   Keep an eye out in the classifieds; sometimes collector's items are placed there.  You could also make an add for a Toshiba boombox. Many people have estate sales or list items they no longer want in newspapers.  You might also find advertisements by stores that sell older models of electornics in newspapers so giving these a look over is in your best interest when searching for a Toshiba Boombox.
  4. Auction Websites.  This is likely the most direct way to get a Toshiba boombox.  You may pay a collector's price, but auctions sites are likely to have them.
  5. Audio/Collectors Forums.  Forums are a great way to get insight into a particular niche.  Perhaps some audio forum member could help you in your quest for a Toshiba boombox. By searching in forums, you are likely to gain a good amount of information on Toshiba Boombox's aside from locating one. 
  6. Search on the Internet.  You'd be surprised as to what you can find. By simply typing in "Toshiba Boombox" in your web browser you are likely to find a number of websites that are selling or can give you access to a Toshiba Boombox. Also consider online classified ads and social networking sites.  Posting a "Wanted" or "Seeking" ad might earn you the Toshiba Boombox you are looking for.
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