Total Gym Complaints

If you're considering purchasing a Total Gym, you may want to check out the Total Gym complaints before you make a final decision. Knowing about Total Gym complaints can help you make an informed decision and be sure that your money is best spent on a home gym that will have high standards. Here are a few of the Total Gym complaints.

  1. Too easy. One of the Total Gym complaints is that it's not challenging enough for users to get a good workout that they need. If you plan to invest a lot of money into a home gym, you want to make sure that it will challenge you and give you a workout that will be beneficial to your body.
  2. Hard to fold. One of the benefits advertised for the Home Gym is that it is easy to store. However, one of the major Total Gym complaints is that it is not as easy as advertised and that it is awkward and hard to fold, unlike what the ads reflect.
  3. Price. Another one of the Total Gym complaints is that while the price may be initially affordable, having the purchase extra accessories makes the price much higher than expected. These accessories can be anything from the pilates kit to the leg pull accessory.
  4. Setup change. While many home gyms have the same issues, many have complained that the Total Gym has to be set up for each individual exercise. This can be time consuming and some people may not work out as much knowing they have to change the set up every time they want a different exercise.
  5. Delivery. One of the last Total Gym complaints is customer service and delivery. Some consumers have complained that they did not receive their Total Gym even after paying in full and did not get satisfactory customer service. However, this seems to be only a few people and a lesser concern.

Overall, most people really liked the Total Gym and gave it stunning reviews. Those that had Total Gym complaints had valid complaints but nothing too major enough to discourage most buyers.

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