Toyota: How To Get More Leg Room In A RAV4

Figuring how to get more leg room in a RAV4 can be crucial in having a comfortable driving experience. It's hard to concentrate on the road around you when you can barely hit the gas pedal without feeling cramped. Luckily the RAV4 comes with several seat adjustment devices for drivers six feet and above or just for those who want more leg room, including passengers. Here are a few steps that will help you to get more leg room in a RAV4.

  1. Adjust the short lever. This lever helps adjust the angle at which the seats backrest is positioned. This way you can position it at an angle that is comfortable for your needs. Everyone's curve in their back is different so the angle that suits you will probably be different from someone else's.
  2. Adjust the longer lever. This lever will move your seat higher or lower giving your legs more leg room. Find a nice medium that gives your legs enough leg room without sacrificing anything else.
  3. Adjust the seats. RAV4's, like most cars, come with tracks that allow you to move the seat back and forth. This makes the distance between you and the pedals further, therefore giving you way more leg room. The lever will either be located below your seat or on the side of your seat. If this is the passenger seat it will be on the right and if this is the driver's seat it will be on the left.
  4. Adjust the backrow seats. The other seats in the RAV4, such as the backrow seats can be adjusted as well. For these seats, the lever is located below the seat and all you have to do is push it upwards to allow you to move the seats backwards or forwards.

Try these steps to see if you can try and get some more leg room in your RAV4. Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable and with these steps you no longer have to.

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