Toyota LPG Cars

The best Toyota LPG Cars are cars that are made by Toyota and run on LPG, which is an acronym for liquefied petroleum gas. This type of gas is said to be more environmentally friendly because it is cleaner burning.

  1. Toyota Camry Altise V6 Automatic/Ateva V6 Automatic. This Toyota LPG car on its Camry line of cars is outfitted with a Quad Cam V6 engine, which is compatible with LPG technology for cleaner burning fun. This special LPG engine from Toyota itself is a 3.0 Liter one and also includes special fitted valves along with valve seats. It is so easy to convert from normal fuel to LPG that all it takes is automatically reaching a certain level on pre-set RPM and temperature values.
  2. Toyota Avalon Advantage/Conquest. The Toyota Avalon Advantage/Conquest range of LPG cars from the company features the LPG-conversion kits. These kits were devised by Toyota and Apollo Gas and ensure that your new, environmentally friendly Toyota car has maximum fuel efficiency, reliability, performance, and driveability. This fuel system was designed by Toyota itself to its own engineering standards. Another bonus is that Toyota's great warrant of three years/100,000 kilometers also applies to these newer LPG models of their cars.
  3. Toyota Town Comfort LPG. The Toyota Town Comfort LPG car is a car that is used by Toyota exclusively in Hong Kong. So far, there have been three models: the YXS10, the LXS10, and the latest one, the YXS11. This LPG car by Toyota is also used as a taxi sometimes, and its engine is an L4 DOHC 16-Valve VVT-i Engine.
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