Toyota Yaris How To Turn Off Maintence Required Light

Do you need to learn how to turn off the maintenance required light on your Toyota Yaris? Resetting the maintenance required light on your Toyota Yaris is necessary after having the car serviced. The maintenance required light appears to remind you to bring your Yaris in for an oil change. Toyota dealers often reset the light for you, but independent service shops may not know how to, in which case you'll need to reset the light on your own.

To reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota Yaris, you will need:

  • Car keys
  1. Turn on your Toyota Yaris' electronics. Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to "On," but do not crank the engine. This mode activates the electronics, such as your radio and speedometer backlight.
  2. Access the trip A menu. With the key still in "On" mode, press the trip stem located on your speedometer until the mileage readout shows "Trip A." You cannot reset the Toyota Yaris' maintenance required light if the mileage readout shows anything else.
  3. Turn the key off and hold the trip stem. Hold the trip stem down after the key is turned off. Continue to hold it until instructed to release it.
  4. Turn on your Toyota Yaris' electronics again. Turn the key back to "On," while holding the trip stem. Continue to hold the stem. Watch your mileage readout closely. After about five seconds, the readout changes to zero. When the normal readout appears again, the maintenance required light is turned off and the system is reset.

Don't reset the light without having the oil changed. This might get rid of the light, but it does not change the fact that your Yaris requires maintenance.



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