Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

If you are like a lot of men you have no idea what the appropriate traditional anniversary gifts by year are. If some of your friends or family members have an anniversary approaching don't worry, Made Manual will equip you with the information you need to select the perfect anniversary gift. Reference this information to make sure you are picking out the correct traditional anniversary gifts by year.

If you want to understand the traditional anniversary gifts by year, you will need a few things:

  • The anniversary date
  • Money for the gift (or creativity, to make a gift)
  • Knowledge of what the couple would like and appreciate in terms of a gift

Here are some ideas:

  1. First Anniversary. Paper. A nice card would be a great paper gift.
  2. Second Anniversary. Cotton. An embroidered cotton throw commemorating the event is a great second anniversary gift.
  3. Third Anniversary. Leather. Any couple would appreciate matching luggage for their third anniversary.
  4. Fourth Anniversary. Fruit or flowers. A floral arrangement or decorative fruit basket is perfect.
  5. Fifth Anniversary. Wood.  A wood carving or some furniture would be a great idea.
  6. Sixth Anniversary. Candy or Iron. Candy is pretty simple but if you are looking for an iron gift try golf clubs or cast iron pans as these gifs will provide years of enjoyment.
  7. Seventh Anniversary. Wool or copper. Wool scarves or copper vases and bowls are a nice gift idea.
  8. Eighth Anniversary. Bronze or pottery. Some pottery that matches the couple’s home décor is a great seventh anniversary gift.
  9. Ninth Anniversary. Pottery or willow. You could select some furniture or art made from willow or plant a tree in the couple’s honor.
  10. Tenth Anniversary. Tin or aluminum. Look for candy, coffee, or tea that is packaged in decorative tins.
  11. Eleventh Anniversary. Steel. A good cutlery set made of steel works great for a tenth anniversary gift.
  12. Thirteenth Anniversary. Lace. Lace curtains or tablecloths are good for couples. If you are looking for a gift for your wife, consider lingerie.
  13. Fourteenth Anniversary. Ivory. Ivory sculptures can add a nice touch to the couple’s home.
  14. Fifteenth Anniversary. Crystal. If you are looking for a fifteenth anniversary gift you cannot go wrong with some crystal glasses.
  15. Twentieth Anniversary. China. A fine set of china can be a great gift, especially if the couple likes to entertain.
  16. Twenty-fifth Anniversary. Silver. Silver jewelry or cutlery will definitely be appreciated.
  17. Thirtieth Anniversary. Pearl. Pearl jewelry or mother-of-pearl gifts will make any couple smile.
  18. Thirty-fifth Anniversary. Coral. To help preserve the environment, consider purchasing a coral reef for the couple. This could be part of an aquarium for their home. You can also find jewelry made of coral.
  19. Fortieth Anniversary. Ruby. Jewelry is an easy pick for the fortieth anniversary.
  20. Forty-fifth Anniversary. Sapphire. Jewelry is a great gift for the forty-fifth anniversary.
  21. Fiftieth Anniversary. Gold. Gifts made of gold could set you back a bit, however, this is the traditional fiftieth anniversary gift.
  22. Sixtieth Anniversary. Diamond. Consider something very special for this anniversary such as matching diamond watches.


  • Keep in mind these guidelines are just that, guidelines. Not only have they been around for years, but there are also modern versions of the traditional gifts. Do not feel pressured to choose a traditional anniversary gift by year.
  • If you know the couple will not like the traditional anniversary gift, get them something you know they will cherish and enjoy.
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