Trail Running Gear Essentials

Are you wondering about trail running gear essentials? Rough terrain makes for a challenging run so make sure to adjust your gear essentials to meet the needs of the terrain or trails you plan to run on. Narrow trails may require you to wear long pants in order to avoid thorns or branches from scratching your skin.

  1. Shoes. Quality shoes are trail running gear essentials. Balance, support, arch support, cushioning and comfort are needed to prevent injury to the leg and back areas. Look for a good tread pattern for the terrain you choose to run on. Also, make sure to purchase shoes that will absorb wetness away from your feet. Order quality, orthopedic, trail running shoes if you have flat feet or high arches.
  2. Socks. Thick, quality socks that absorb moisture are mandatory. Choose cotton or tech socks to wear while running.
  3. Water. Hydration packs or water bottles are trail running gear essentials. Make sure to secure the water container firmly to yourself.
  4. Cell Phone. Securing a cell phone inside of a zipped pocket will provide a means of communication if you are in need of medical attention. Make sure to stay in range of a tower while trail running.
  5. A waterproof watch is an essential gear item when trail running. Time warm-up, running time, laps, cool down and take your pulse. Waterproof means water and sweat will not ruin the watch's capability of working properly next time.
  6. Pants or shorts are trail running gear essentials. Adjust your clothing to the trail, season and time of day you will be running. Layer your clothing in colder months for warmth while running.
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