Train Driving Games

Train driving games are a best-kept secret when it comes to online flash games. They range in their story lines; some are puzzles games, others action oriented, still others have a historical aspect. If you’re looking for a new game to get hooked on, check out these great train driving games.

  1. Sotetsu Line SimulatorThere are no other games on the internet like this collection of train driving simulators. Become the captain of a Japanese metro with actual footage of the real-life route flashing in front of you. Control the speed of your vehicle and make sure to put the brake on soon enough to pick up the passengers at the next stop. The Sotetsu Line is the latest in these games, featuring the longest route and the most stops.
  2. Enoshima Line Simulator If you’re finding it hard to learn the ropes of driving a Japanese metro, play the Enoshima Line. This is the route designed for beginners.
  3. Ikebukuro Line Simulator This route features the smoothest movie play of all the routes. The quality of the graphics and the film footage are both higher on this route than on the others.
  4. Chitose Line Simulator Once you’ve mastered the controls of Sotetsu and Ikebukuro, try out the Chitose Line for a challenge. This route features higher speeds – up to 75 miles per hour – and a long route.
  5. Mini TrainNot your standard train driving game, this cute little flash game asks you to prepare the roadway for the little engine that could as it toots along the track. Drag and drop objects to insure safe passage for the train.
  6. Park My TrainThis is a puzzle game that involves rearranging trains, picking up bogies (extra cars) and avoiding broken tracks. Use your mouse to start, stop, change gears and change the direction of the rail switchers.
  7. Rail of WarThis flash game combines train driving games with shooters. Use the arrow keys to control the speed of your train and use the mouse to shoot at your enemies.
  8. Choo ChooThis is another game that involves driving a train as well as shooting. This game features constant battle, levers, crates, maps and more.
  9. Polar Express This game is based on the movie The Polar Express. Make sure all the tracks are switched correctly to keep your train from crashing. Pick up passengers, avoid debris and add cars to your train.
  10.  Rail Pioneer In this game, you play the engineer driving the first train on an undeveloped island. Lay track as your train continues to chug along. Level completion rewards you with new types of track and more options.
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