Transformer Games For Kids

There are lots of Transformers games for kids available online for free. These games range from logic puzzles to high speed shooters. Of all those games, here is a list of relatively simple yet still exciting games that kids will be able to pick up fast.

  1. Allspark Highway Before heading anywhere else online for Transformers games, check out what Has Bro has to offer. They’re the creators of Transformers and offer a variety of themed games. This one involves driving a truck along a desert highway, collecting points and bonuses, avoiding roadblocks and anti-bonuses, and making sure you make the right turns to reach your destination.
  2. Capture the Cube This is a simple Transformers game that is easy for kids to pick up. They’ll navigate their way through rooms and buildings, using Transformer skills to outwit security guards and other defenses.
  3. Animated Robot Builder If your kids love Transformers, you’ll want to send them to the Animated Robot Builder. Make sure your computer is hooked up to a color printer so they can print out their customized robots.
  4. Battle for the Matrix This platform game features intense music and a Transformer who can run, jump and shoot. Defeat all the Decepticons on each level and collect the shields and bonuses along the away.
  5. Primus Unleashed This is a great game for kids because it only uses three keys and the premise is simple. As a Transformer, you’ll walk through space shooting three types of lasers at oncoming attacks. You level up by surviving each attack.
  6. Prestige In this game, you’ll explore each platform level while collection coins and bonuses. Jump on spiders to kill them and avoid the pits of flaming lava. Kids will find the game easy to play, using the mouse to run and jump.
  7. Roll Out This fast-paced action game uses the best features of the Transformers to create a thrilling, addicting game. Using arrow keys and the Z key, kids will love transforming from robot form to truck form and zipping along the ramps and jumps designed for a robot on wheels.
  8. Key Recovery Slipping a little logic into a Transformer game is the perfect way to keep your kid’s mind stimulated. This game is just like the Microsoft classic Minesweeper but with an exciting, Transformer themed premise.
  9. Terrorcon Defense This Transformer flash game is set on a desert planet. You are assigned to defend an Energon mine with your own guns as well as the guns of the machines you build. Fight off the bad guys and explore the map while protecting your mine.
  10. Energon Within In this addicting little game, your job is to shoot down all the helicopters and trucks stealing Energon from your mine. To shoot is a simple click – just be careful not to hit the mine itself or you’ll destroy it’s worth!
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