Transsexual Transformation

A transsexual transformation is commonly used to describe the act of changing ones outward gender. Transsexualism is when a person has a definition for the opposite gender that they are born to. Undergoing a transsexual transformation is a common practice to help with the stress and confusion of the feeling of being born in the wrong body.

No matter the kind of transsexual transformation an individual undergoes, they normally go through some kind of psychotherapy. It is very important for transsexuals to have support when undergoing any form of transsexual transformation. They will be essentially changing their gender to the outside world and this can cause much added stress to their already hectic lives.

Many Transsexuals undergo hormone therapy, which causes such changes so that secondary sexual characteristics resemble the desired gender. Women take androgens. Males take anti-androgens with a combination of estrogen. The results for hormone therapy can be less satisfying in men. A normal complaint is facial hair has to be removed regularly. Transsexuals who wish to undergo surgical procedures normally go through hormone therapy to prepare. Others stop at hormone therapy and have no desire to go through surgical procedures or plastic surgery.

Surgical procedures involve change of anatomical sex. For men, this means castration. For women, this involves removal of the breasts, womb and ovaries. After this step, many transsexuals undergo plastic surgery to better look like the desired gender. Transsexual transformation is the act of changing once outward gender. It is a life changing procedure for transsexuals. 

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