Trazodone Side Effects

For individuals that are suffering from depression, it can be helpful to read up on the various possible Trazodone side effects, should you choose treatment involving the drug. Trazodone is an oral medication that is used to treat the mood disorder known as depression. The antidepressant functions by bringing back the natural balance of the brain's serotonin chemical. The neutrotransmitter serotonin is vital for all nerve impulse transmissions.

  1. For many people using Trazodone, common and minor side effects are a possibility. These side effects tend to fade quickly, and include dizziness, sleepiness, reduced sex drive, blurry vision, dry mouth, anxiety, fatigue, stuffy nose, stomachache, nausea, throwing up, muscle pains, feeing faint upon standing or sitting up, headache, low blood pressure, confusion, tremors and weight loss.
  2. Other users of the antidepressant can experience less common effects that are still not usually considered to be cause for alarm. Some less frequent Trazodone side effects are difficulty breathing (such as shortness of breath), sweating more, ringing inside of the ears, concentration and focus difficulties, gaining weight, passing out and coordination and balance issues. Trazodone users that experience these effects, although generally harmless, should notify their doctors as soon as possible.
  3. Potentially harmful side effects are also a remote possibility with the antidepressant. In situations of these possibly dangerous side effects, it is vital to get emergency medical attention. These side effects include feelings of agitation, panic attacks, thoughts of suicide, aggression, impulsiveness, hallucinations, bizarre behavioral changes, chest palpitations, speech difficulties, abnormal bleeding or bruising, problems sleeping at night, nightmares, bloody urine, trouble urinating, increased heart rate and restlessness. Allergic reaction symptoms can also signify a serious situation, such as itchiness, unusual rash on the skin, having a hard time swallowing and wheezing.
  4. Unusual side effects can also occur with the oral medication. With rare side effects, it can be beneficial to speak with a doctor. These rarer effects of Trazodone include salivating more, feelings of numbness, twitching of the muscles, increased appetite and anemia (a disorder that is characterized by insufficient red blood cells).
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