Trendy Haircuts

Sporting trendy haircuts isn’t as difficult as some men would imagine—in fact, many of these hairstyles are characterized by their ease of maintenance as much as they are for their need of meticulous upkeep. However, a well-styled coif, whether you spend one minute or one hour on it, is a prized possession to have, whether you’re vying for the eye of a sexy woman or for a promotion at work.

  1. The faux hawk. Like its name implies, the “faux” hawk resembles a Mohawk without the sides of the head completely shaved. To accentuate the center hair in an edgy style which can be held in place with wax or pomade. You can accenuate the tips with a strip of color. However, to keep it more conservative, the cut can be worn down and back, though it would be hard to work in a conservative environment with this trendy hairstyle.
  2. The long-layered “shag” haircut. This is a versatile, low-maintenence look for men who want to sport longer hair in a trendier yet more relaxed style. It is usually accomplished with a razor—which gives the hair a more deconstructed, natural look, especially with the hair tendrils that hang around the front and sides of the face. To further accentuate the look, carefully placed highlights and lowlights can add texture. In a conservative work environment, the style can be pulled or brushed back and for the sleekest of occasions, blow dried and with just a touch of pomade.
  3. The flattop. This versatile hairstyle is a longer version of the crew cut. However, the hair at the top of the head is styled to gravity-defying lengths and when smoothed upright, is usually uniform and flat giving the head a signature square shape that flattops have come to be associated with. The hair is often pared down with electric clippers on the side and back of the head, with the hair on top leveled as much as possible. Wax and pomade is used to style the remaining, topmost hair and remains an easily maintained look
  4. The Caesar.  Named after the infamous Roman emperor Julius Caesar, who is frequently depicted wearing his hair in such a way, this style is clipped quite shortly around the sides and the back, leaving the top slighly longer to create a small point at the crest of the head. Men nowadays usually style it up with pomade for nights out or smoothed down towards the scalp in a work environment. The Caesar cut is the epitome of stylish and easy maintenance.
  5. The modern mullet. The newer version of this 80’s favorite isn’t as extreme or even outdated as it sounds. The modern mullet is substantially shorter and softer (top-wise, as well as back-wise) and usually is cut by a razor to give it a more forgiving, shaggy look accompanied with multiple long layers for versatile styling.  Shears keep the hair on the sides of the head sleek and short,  while the longer hair is styled with pomade or wax to your preference.  Because the newer version of the mullet isn’t as flagrantly noticeable as its older, 80’s inspired parent hairstyle, it can all the more easily be swept back with some pomade in a conservative workplace.



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