Trey Songz Quotes

Four albums into his career, Trey Songz quotes are known for their bluntly sexy and assertive tone. These excerpts from his songs can get you riled up for a night of clubbing or build up your confidence for a night of sweet loving. Trey Songz’s lyrics range from party worthy to sweet and deep.

  1. "Girl your body's a problem; they call me the problem solver." This Trey Songz quote from “Neighbors Know My Name” exemplifies the smooth way Trey operates on the dating scene.
  2. "Scratch my body up, girl, I don’t mind; I’ll take your pain if you take mine." Get hot in the bedroom and let your girl go wild, Trey style.
  3. "Love is hard to find, but love is one of a kind." Trey Songz surfaces from his bad boy persona to give a little clear insight. Even though he’s a player, he’s still seeking love just like the rest of us.
  4. "To be in love you have to give your all and I can't give that right now because I take care of my family and they depend on me." Another quote unrelated to partying, Trey lays down some truth here. He loves girls, but he has his priorities straight.
  5. "Hate will get you nowhere!" Here’s another gem of wisdom seldom heard in the music of Trey Songz’s contemporaries.
  6. "All I want to do is give you all of me and want you to give me all of you." If you want to show your girl that you can be romantic in the bedroom, this Trey quote s exactly what you need. If it’s not a one night stand, open up to your lover.
  7. "Shadows on the wall while the candles burning, messing up the bed while you’re sweating out your perm and making lovefaces." Another classic Trey lyric, this one demonstrates his bold description of love making. It’s a good song to get you and your girl ready for the bedroom.
  8. "If I could have anything, I’d put it on everything, it would be you, you, you; I just want you." Another of Trey Songz’s more romantic lines, this line will make your girls knees go weak.
  9. "Addicted to this life yet life is what's missing." Sometimes the life we are hooked on isn’t the one that makes us feel fulfilled and excited about life.
  10. "Count your blessings. Every time I am doing bad I count my blessings. And I always lose count. Try that sometime." You don’t have to be pessimistic to be a bad boy. Take it from Trey Songz.
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