Trey Songz Ready Tracklist

This Trey Songz "Ready" Track list offers the best songs on from the album. Trey Songz released his third album “Ready” in 2009.  The album has seventeen tracks and features other artists like Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy and Drake. Having been in the business for more than five years, the Trey Songz "Ready" track list features a wide range of topics while showcasing his growing vocals.

  1. “I Invented Sex”– This song featuring Drake was released as the album’s third single. It is easily became one of the most popular songs in the Trey Songz "Ready" tracklist because this is his first number one hit on the Hot R&B / HipHop Song chart. If you're still wondering what this song is still about, then you have to take a walk and relax your brain a litte.
  2. “Say Aah”– This may be the artist’s most successful song, because it reached number nine on the Hot 100. This also charted in the Canadian Hot 100, his first song to hit international stardom. Okay, let's say that this song is not that radio-friendly because of what the song means, but hey, why the heck did it hit those charts then?
  3. “I Need a Girl”– A relatively easy song to follow, this talks about his love interest and how he also deserves love because he is a good man. On of the subtle ones with Trey's voice more melodic than usual.
  4. “LOL :-)” featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy– A take on the technological advances of the times, this song is derived from a short version of “laugh out loud” popular in Internet chat. The song in the Trey Songz "Ready" tracklist also talks about sending a smiley and twit over the cellphone. A clean and fun song that you should put on your mp3 player.
  5. “Neighbors Know My Name”– The fifth and final single of the Trey Songz "Ready" tracklist, this song received positive reviews and reach number 43 on the Hot 100. Just like the first two songs on this list, Trey is saying that neighbors know his name because girls just can't stop screaming about it when … you know, when he's having a concert.

As an artist, Trey Songz has become famous for the topics of his songs and the ease by which his fans and followers can follow the lyrics. He may not be as controversial as other artists but he is widely loved around the world. Take your pick at the Trey Songz "Ready" tracklist and enjoy the cool rhythm, fun lyrics and easy tempo of the songs.

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