Trey Songz Tattoos

Find out what kind of tattoos Trey Songz has in this article. Trey Songz is a singer and song writer who was born in the United States. For being a shy kid, has done pretty well with his music career. His real name is Tremaine Neverson. Trey Songz is the stage name he goes by. He has a number of tattoos on his body that can easily be seen in photos and concerts, but it's hard to tell exactly what they all represent.

  1. Inspirational tattoo Trey Songz has a tattoo on his chest that reads, "To God I pray may April showers rain down on her forest and grow the strength that started with one rose." April refers to his mom's name. Forest is his brother's name and Rose is his grandma's name.
  2. Artwork on arm and shoulders Trey Songz is supposed to have a tattoo on his arm. There are some photos of his arm tattoo, but it's not easy to tell what the tattoo is. On his arm he has a tattoo that reads "Only God can judge me." He has a tattoo of angels on his shoulder blades. They represent some advice his grandmother gave him, which was to watch his back no matter where he went or traveled.
  3. Another family symbol Trey Songz has a triangular shaped tattoo on his right shoulder in the front. It has the first letter of all the female role models who helped raise him. Ann, Dell, and April are three of the names.
  4. His own sun and himself as a child Trey Songz has a tattoo of a rising sun with beams coming up his arms from it. He likes how this tattoo turned out artistically. On his left arm he has a tattoo of a child with a baseball cap representing himself that reads, "April's boy." April is of course Trey Songz's mom.
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