Triathlon Swimming Workouts

Good triathlon swimming workouts are an essential part of the training regiment of any serious triathlon competitor. The swim is one of the most important parts of a triathlon, and many triathlons are won or lost on the swim. Because of this, proper training with solid triathlon swimming workouts are extremely important. The following triathlon swimming workouts should set any triathlon athlete in the right direction.

  1. Workout 1. This is an aerobic triathlon swimming workout. Warm up by swimming 300 to 500 meters freestyle, then do a 200 to 400 kick, and then 200 freestyle. Then do a 900m steady swim followed by a 600m steady swim. Now do a 400m pull with paddles and a buoy. Finally swim a 6 x 50 backstroke. Do a short 200 m cool down.
  2. Workout 2. This is another aerobic triathlon swimming workout. Warm up with a 300m of any stroke, then do 300m freestyle and 200m backstroke. The main set for this workout is a bit harder than other triathlon swimming workouts. Do 6 x 100 at race pace, then an easy 100 recovery. Rest a minute. Do a 4 x 100 at race pace, a 100 recovery, then a 1 minute rest. Finally, swim another 4 x 100, at 5 seconds off race pace, a recovery, then a 1 minute rest. Do a 300m cool down.
  3.  Workout 3. Open water training. You must do some open water triathlon swimming workouts to work on sighting and dealing with chop. Do a distance lake or ocean swim. Weather permitting.     



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