Troubleshooting Appliances: 10 Tips

Here are 10 tips for troubleshooting appliances. Considering how much we depend on technology and the little devices we have nowadays it’s no surprise that there are whole businesses dedicated to troubleshooting.  God forbid someone should have to figure out how to fix their own coffee maker. But for those brave souls who are willing to risk it, here’s some tips.

  1. Double Check. Is it really broken or are you doing something wrong? Take a minute and think about what you just did and make sure you didn’t accidentally push the wrong button. You might not need to troubleshoot at all.
  2. Turn it off, wait, turn it back on. This almost doesn’t need to be mentioned it’s so obvious. This is hands down the first thing you should try, just remember to remove what needs to be removed or shut what needs to be shut.
  3. Unplug it, wait, plug it back in. Just like the last step, this one explains itself. Just make sure you turn the appliance off before you unplug it.
  4. Start your project over. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of making a cappuccino on the nice fancy machine you have, it stalls in the middle. Who knows why, but starting over can usually troubleshoot the problem.
  5. Ask your nerd buddy. We’ve all got one. The friend that’s practically a genius with any machine without evening trying. It’s one of the few free ways to troubleshoot your appliance without doing it yourself.
  6. Give it a tap. You shouldn’t do this with a laptop or such, but it does sometimes work with an appliance with multiple or moving parts. Sometimes is shakes the piece back where they’re supposed to be. Just don’t hit it too hard or too often.
  7. Check the manual. It’s a general rule, keep the manual when you buy an appliance. It doesn’t have to be on your bookshelf or right next to the appliance just stick it out of the way in a drawer.
  8. Call tech support. This is another reason to keep the manual, you don’t have to try reading it if it’s one of those insanely thick confusing bible like books, just flip to the page with the phone numbers and start dialing.
  9. Take it to an appliance store. Sometimes they just can’t help over the phone, it’s a lot easier to fix something you can see. There are plenty of stores like Best Buy that will take in your appliance and troubleshoot it for a fee, even if you didn’t buy it there.
  10. Mail it in. Most warranties included free postage and repairs for a certain amount of time. Most appliance makers will still allow you to mail it in for repairs after the warranty expires but you will probably have to pay the postage and a repair fee. Still, there’s no one better to troubleshoot your appliance then the people who made it in the first place.  
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