True Blood Drinking Game

Any true TV fan should have their own "True Blood" drinking game if they plan on watching HBO's runaway hit with friends. The following "True Blood" drinking game works much like any TV-themed drinking game, in which you take a certain amount of drinks based on what goes on during the episode you're watching. Of course, the best way to make a "True Blood" drinking game your own is to put your own rules in with ours to fit your favorite characters or favorite moments. If you're ready to get silly, try out these "True Blood" drinking game rules!

In order to play this "True Blood" drinking game, you're going to need

  • Episodes of "True Blood" at your disposal
  • A few friends who are willing to see each other drunk
  • More liquor than you know what to do with
  1. Take a Single Drink when someone shapeshifts; Jason is shirtless; Sookie is shirtless; a vampire gets staked; a vampire gets ordered around by their maker or anyone is having sex. Since these are fairly common occurrences, it's safe to set the "True Blood" drinking game rules to these to get yourself drunk very quickly.
  2. Take Multiple Drinks when Tara yells at her mother; anyone shows their fangs; Bill says Sookie's name; Sam wipes down the bar or Pam rolls her eyes. These are semi-regular occurrences and thus make for some good "True Blood" drinking game regulations to give you a good buzz.
  3. Finish Your Drink when someone orders or drinks "True Blood;" Sookie reads someone's mind; Sam gets yelled at by any female; Tara is nice to her mother or Jason messes up a quote or popular saying. These are some of the best moments of the show and "True Blood" and should be celebrated by you relinquishing your right to drive home at the end of the night!

Even though the "True Blood" drinking game is fun for all, you should only be drinking this much alcohol around those who you feel safe being drunk around. Moreover, don't play the "True Blood" drinking game and expect to drive home or anywhere else afterwards. Please practice awesome drinking games as such responsibly.

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