Trust Quotes And Sayings

These trust quotes and sayings will help you with trust issues you may have. Trust is not something that’s given, but earned. If you are honest and respectful, trust is something you will receive automatically, but if you lie and cheat you will gain nothing in return.

  1. Never ask someone to trust you when you know you truly don’t deserve it. If she asks you to trust her that doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t. What it means is until she gives you a reason not to trust her, form your own opinion about what you already know.
  2. Trust is easy to gain, but once you lose it, it’s hard to get back. When you enter a new relationship you start off with a fresh new slate. Anything that you did in past relationships will not pertain to the new relationship. You will start off with a small level of trust and as the relationship grows so will the trust level, as long as there is honesty. However, if you do anything to damage that trust, you will have to work really hard to get it back. It’s best to be honest and maintain that trust so you won't have to work so hard to get it back.

  3. Which is more powerful love or trust? You can trust without love, but you cannot love without trust. That makes trust more powerful. If you want to love and be loved you have to allow a person to earn your trust while giving reasons to make you a trustworthy person.
  4. The one person you should always be able to trust is yourself. If you can’t trust yourself to say or do the right thing in life, don’t expect anyone else to be able to trust you either. It will be written all over the expressions on your face that you can’t be trusted.

  5. The key to trust is not just knowing your mistakes, but owning up to your mistakes and repairing them. Accept the fact that mistakes will be made, by you or someone you hold dear. A decision will then have to be made to start being honest to regain that trust or find other ways to lie and cheat and possibly lose that trust forever.

These trust quotes and saying will help you in your everyday life. Remember, trust is like a revolving door. You have to come out of the door the same way you went in with honesty and truth.

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