Truth Or Dare Questions Dirty

If you’re looking for dirty truth or dare questions, then read about these more risqué options for the popular game. Truth or dare may have been a fun, harmless activity when you were in middle school, but this version of truth or dare is especially adapted for adults. Play the game as usual; give each person the choice to perform a dare or answer a truth. Choose from some steamy options below. 

  1. Lap Dance Dare: For a good time, dare the person whose turn it is to give a sexy lap dance to someone while you’re playing dirty truth or dare. You can pick a girl-on-guy combo to see some possible sexual tension or pick a same-sex combo. The person giving the dance doesn’t have to get naked (unless he or she wants to) but make sure that the player gives a good go at it, complete with grinding and bumping. 
  2. Fantasy Truth Question: If you want a good truth question when you’re playing dirty truth or dare, ask a player who he or she fantasizes about having sex with. If you want to let the person off the hook a bit, you can make the fantasy about anyone, famous or not. If you want to get a little more dirt out of the person, ask him or her which non-celebrity person they fantasize about (such as a coworker or friend). If you want to really put them on the spot, ask the person who he or she would most like to have sex with out of just the people playing the truth or dare game.
  3. Dessert Time Dare: For another good dare, make someone spray whip cream or dribble chocolate syrup down another player’s stomach and then have them lick it all off. If you’re playing dirty truth or dare with alcohol, you can also have someone do a tequila shot off another person’s stomach.
  4. First Time Truth Question: For a good truth question when you’re playing dirty truth or dare, ask the person to describe in detail his or her first sexual experience. Have the player disclose how old he or she was and who the partner was. First time sex is always awkward and will provide an interesting story for those listening.
  5. Skinny Dipping Dare: If you want a dirty dare question that will end with clothes coming off, you can dare someone to go skinny dipping in a nearby pool or other body of water. This is the ultimate dare question, because it requires quite a bit of courage to strip down to nothing and jump in cold water while everyone else gazes on. Whoever takes the challenge is a real truth or dare player.



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