Tsa Liquid Restrictions

New standards for the TSA liquid restrictions are always coming out. They seem to change with the times and as everyone knows they have changed pretty drastically in the past view years. Today most people get lost worrying about going through the new security screenings and forgot to double on what they can and can’t bring. Here are the current TSA liquid restrictions.

For Carry-ons: The TSA liquid restrictions for carry-on bags are pretty specific. All bottles containing liquid cannot be any larger then 3.4 ounces or 100ml. Both the container and the amount of liquid need to be this size or TSA will likely tell you to toss it. These containers can be in a single quart sized bag and the limit is one bag per person.

For Checked Luggage: There isn’t a real TSA liquid Restriction on what can be in a checked bag. Like all carry-on luggage, they are scanned and anything suspicious will be checked out. There are restrictions on what kind of liquid can be taken but it depends on where you are coming from and where you are going.

Note: The less you bring the quicker you will get through security. If you aren’t going to need any of the liquids you are bringing during your flight just stick them in you checked luggage and save yourself the trouble.

Exceptions: There are exceptions to the TSA Liquid restrictions but only in certain situations. Liquids like medications and baby formula, including breast milk, if declared, can be carried in amounts exceeding three ounces. They have to be declared to at inspection and TSA may open them to double check what is inside.


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