Turkish Music

To check out new music you could grab a globe and spin it, letting a finger fall on a country and going from from there, or you could sit back and learn about Turkish music right here. This eliminates having to worry about your finger landing in the ocean and having to sift through hours of dolphin and whale sounds before you decide land-based mammal music is more your thing. Feel the tingle of your neurons in the language center of your brain and gain some aural insight as you travel without losing your luggage.

  1. Petek Dincoz. With the hustle and bustle of an open-air market, Petek Dincoz gives her cadence free range. The album "Bana Uyar" features many club songs that lend themselves to the universal need to dance, even if you don't understand a single word. Let your body feel the music and your mind guess where her pauses and peaks will be as you take in one of the hottest artists in the world of Turkish music.
  2. Yasar Ozel. A Turkish crooner that has the powerful bass of two men, Yasar Ozel vibrates your rib cage as he lets his songs roll over you like the subtlest earthquake. Subtle in that he doesn't actually destroy your property, but you'll still feel visibly moved. Ozel manipulates his voice to suit the mood, and it's transcendent. His quiet songs like "Gizli Ask" combine power and peace, and that makes this slice of Turkish music worth more than just a moment of your time.
  3. Mahsun Kirmizigul. Pop gets the Turkish music treatment as Mahsun Kirmizigul takes the stage. Mahsun rises above the norms of traditional pop music as each song feels like an experiment in boundary testing. Listening to "Ay Aman," when your mind thinks the song will zig, it zags. That makes this singer a must if you wish to truly experience the Turkish pop genre.
  4. Ceza. Turkish rap won't be ignored, and neither will Ceza and his talents. He creates some truly beautiful tracks as he layers traditional Turkish music and present day beats with his distinctive word flow. Check out "Al Senin Olsun" for a nice sample of rap combined with classic Turkish instrumentals. Although the words might be foreign to you, there's still a familiar essence to his work and enough newness to merit some serious listening.
  5. Nev. A singer that matches music with an understated intensity, Nev sings with a sincerity that conqueors the language barrier. With a pleasant voice that finds its power in the mid-range of male vocals, Nev brings the listener gently into the folds of Turkish music like a soft handshake. Feel the touch of "Susma" and relax in its grip. Gently appealing, this singer lets the song earn a place in your mind without vying for your attention with overpowering hooks or overwhelming vocals.
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