Tween Brands

Looking for the best tween brands? A "tween" is term used to describe individuals who are not yet teenagers, but not children anymore either. Generally, tweens are between the ages of about nine and twelve. And most tweens can be very picky about the brands they wear and how they look. Below is a list of the best tween brands that will definitely win the approval of your tween. 

  1. Justice for Girls. This tween clothing brand is marketed with real tweens in mind, and features clothing and accessories that most tweens would find hip and in style. They often sell clothing that is cute and mature, but not too mature for a young girl to wear. She will still feel "cool" wearing it, however. And in addition, they often have big sales going on, and you can pick up some pretty good deals.
  2. Forever 21. While this popular clothing brand is often marketed towards teens, tweens do enjoy shopping here as well. This may be the store that an older tween would enjoy more than a younger one, but it still features some great clothes and accessories for young girls at affordable prices. And face it, your tween probably knows that it is one of the most popular tween/teen brands out there. 
  3. Aeropostale. Aeropostale is a cool tween/teen brand that even features clothing in kids sizes, if your tween is still in them. Here your tween will find laid-back, trendy, and comfortable clothes that are always designed with the latest fashions in mind. It is quite affordable too, and you won't break the bank shopping here.
  4. Isabee Tweens. This clothing brand made for tweens is a little less well-known than others on this list, but definitely worth mentioning. Isabee Tweens offers fun and fashionable clothing for tween girls who are into the latest cool styles and unique looks suitable for kids who aren't teenagers yet. Price-wise, this brand is a little more expensive than others, but the clothing is higher quality. 
  5. Abercrombie. Also offering smaller kids sizes in addition to adult sizes, Abercrombie is a tween/teen brand that has become very popular in recent years. While the clothing sold here is a bit on the pricier side, it is clothing that is made well and tends to last a while. Abercrombie styles tend to be more relaxed, simple, and comfortable rather than showy and colorful, but this brand is still extremely hip and stylish. 
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